Blue Mage is my new Passion!

So…. I do plan on leveling all jobs at some point. I currently only have 4 jobs left below level 10. In the meantime however, I have fallen in LOVE with Blue Mage. I’ve been away from the game since May 20th and only came back recently on August 26th.

It took me 3 months to finish getting this quest done because I just had very little interest in this job. Syrinx, a fellow AP taru was nagging me to complete my BLU too since he was having so much fun with his newly acquired job. This was last weekend.

Mind you I had the quest activated the first day when ToA came out… but it took me 20k gil… YES 20k gil the bastard so I had very bad opinions of this job/quest already and was not about to be bothered.

I loved everything I had seen in the previews about COR so I started to level that but stopped at 7 and somehow started up BRD >.>;; which we got to 75 within a month to get Vivid’s PUP to be the first NA PUP (and first overall I think?) to get to level 75 on Hades.

In the mean time… my BLU was still rotting in a corner somewhere, quest incomplete. Then a few weeks ago I decided to randomly log on (I had not logged in for a while due to lack of time and wedding coming up) and just grab the silly siren’s tear needed. Damn guy sends me to Aydeewa to finish the quest -_-;;; so what did I do? Promptly forgot about it entirely.

Last weekend… Syr said “omg just finish the damn quest…. then come play with my 5 BLU” I said naw its ok, I’ll PL you to 7 and we’ll party with Varg’s (another taru > hume) RNG and my COR. We did that, and I got hooked on helping Syr get all his spells. So by the time he was 12 (from the PL shakrami party we had for a day), we had already gotten him everything he needed up till 20.

But at this point, Vargy who is leveling RNG as a sub for his COR had to go ahead and level it for our main SPT (check NIN Diary for setup). I didnt feel like leveling COR either due to lack of RNG sub for later levels and Syr became all awone (I’m sure he was dancing with joy at the lack of Aque dragging him along on god knows what spell hunt XD) so there goes that party idea which gave me a whole lotta time to do absolutely nothing with, so I decided to level BLU just for the heck of it since Syr and Abhor (71BLU) had been raving about it.

From the moment I started, Syr was with me so we could have fun and learn Pollen and Wild Oats while getting exp, I FELL IN LOVE! After that I learned every spell myself up till level 12, and even got up to level 16 spells! 🙂 I was so proud of me

Then I came up with this amazing Idea of making a duo spt with Syr on our BLUs. We started out on Friday last week and go to 16 on our first night.

Then this past Saturday night, we went from 16-22 lol.. in one night and we’re ahead in spells >.>;; then yesterday while playing around during the day we got from 22-25 in Qufim and also learned more spells up till 32. I’m missing Claw Cyclone (too lazy to go deal with tigers) and Smite of Rage (evil weapons hate me and wont learn me it :/). Syr’s all caugh up with spells up till 34 as welll. We’re both missing Death Ray from Hectaeyes.

Yesterday we met a new friend named Makado who ran into us at 23 in Qufim and saw that we were duoing as BLUs and asked to join. Syr sent the invite and we made history! He’s a fun person ^^ and we have been learning our spells together since and he’d like to join us for future adventures. We died to Tabar Beaks (yeah dont try to learn Sound Blast in sauro… go to Meriph instead!) to learn Mak his spell so he’s missing that still.

Tonight, Syr and I are gonna try to get to 30 since our spells are all take care of pretty much. Mak wants to join us again whenever he’s free so we’ll see how that goes 🙂 More updates and photos later!


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