This post was originally made on May 1, 2006, 5:30 PM in the old blog ^^ but since it got scratched, here it is again!

Soooooo We were finally able to install and run Treasures of Aht’ Urhgan on April 19th, 2006. It’s been a BLAST since then. In fact we have had so much fun with all things ToA that we forgot to update this site 😛 SO back to the back burner this goes. Below is a long ass update on our ‘activities’ since April 19th.

The process of Acquiring ToA >.>;;

First let me spout a bit of BS about EBgames – -;; I had pre-ordered the game online, paid extra for next day air etc. On the 18th still no word but they had charged my card at this point. So I go out to the local EBGames and they were nice enough to let me pre-order ‘another’ one through them with the guarantee that if my online order comes on the 19th, I can cancel the local store order. I called EBgames online to cancel my order since I figured if I’m getting them on the same day from the local store and the online store… why da frack do I want to pay $10 extra? O.o;; and what did EBgames online do? They yelled at me! I yelled back of course but that didnt solve the issue of “your order cannot be cancelled” so whatever. I was half expecting to see my order next week since it kept saying “delayed due to weather, delivery rescheduled” lol… but turns out at 1pm on the 19th, I got my package! HUzzah! We went out that evening and got my local order cancelled. So all in all it wasnt as horrendous as an account as you thought this was going to be ohohohoh psych!

Thats one big arse box just for a teensy weetle disc though doncha think? I popped the magic cd in, everything installed just perfect. In the meantime I’m reading on forums about all these complications and reinstalled. Sucks to be ya! When I saw that ‘stall’ at 99%, I just let it go and after a minute or two of sitting there it continued with no problems. I heard that others tried to exit out and restart the process lol… patience young Anakin! Waiting for a few extra minutes could have saved you a ‘lot’ of work ^^

The process of Activating ToA XD!! (Excitement) (Yes, Please!)

Was the smoothest thing ever!! See I’m a hoarder, I have keys from every frackin zone you can think off. So when we found out that boat pass quest required some very common items, I looked in my storage and sure’nuff, buncha keys I didnt really have any reason to keep, but thank the lords I did! I saw a lotta people scramble around trying to farm keys/items for the opening quest. I was majorly busy IRL so that saved me a buncha time.

At 11pm EST on the 19th, ToA went LIVE! I was rather sad since some of my closest friends werent ‘all’ online ; ; they suck for not pre-ordering ToA!! Boo-age to all’yall! Welps, while they were off in slackerland, litto Aque here was able to join in the fun! Here is the madness that ensued when ToA was announced live over dear old System Message!

ToA Has Officially Begun!

OK, see the spam there? It had been like that for a while… and after the System Message came through, it continued… non stop…. for like 5 frackin days! For the first time ever I turned on Say and Shout filters lol – -;; I just couldnt take all the random nonsense! But here’s more ToA Mayhem Spammy GOODNESS!! Hurray for Lard.

Even more TOA!!!!!!!

So we all run up to Mr. GrossyElvaanFaursel and get the quest turn our items in etc. Now at this point… I believe there were at least 100-200 people in this tiny little Tenshodo. This shop has never seen this many people I bet! None of the doors were working – -;; I had to wait a full minute to activate the ‘cutscene’ door (2nd door) lol… it was that bad. The following does not at all show the amount of people on my screen lol but check out that radar!!! lol Everyone was so tight around Faursel that we were ONE HUGE BIG FRACKIN BLUE DOT on the radar lol… so much fun tho ^^ great atmosphere!

Check out that radar...

All nice and dandy and then I find my friends slowly trickling in…. one every half hour. And with each one I decided to ‘wait’ in Jeuno while they turn in their items, wait for the next new Vanadiel day so I can teleport them to Mea and we can be on our way. This game of waiting lasted a full 1 1/2hrs – -;;! Now, see I dont really mind at all cept that even more friends got on and even more wanted to TPs. I resorted to just telling em to find other people, as I had been waiting for this long and I ‘finally’ was able to get on this fracking boat!! ❤ Debby for waiting for me in Mhaura when he could have picked up the boat. See I am cheap so I refused to spend 5k on a chocobo – -;; when it wasnt considered an ’emergency’ yeah I’m cheap but ^^ ❤ ❤ When I finally hauled my arse over to Mhaura, all tired from that run (I really need to work out or something ; ;), what do I find? EVEN MORE PEOPLE! people people people everywhere garghhhhhhhh

People in Mhaura


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