Learning spells as BLU

I forgot to mention that right now, only Syr has been ‘PLd’ as far as spells and that’s before I started playing BLU. I myself have never been PL’d for a spell and I think its MUCH easier to learn if you’re actually getting exp out of it. This may or may not be the case if ‘parsed’ or whatever it is people do that’s too technical for me, but based on my own superstition and rate of learning spells, my theory seems to hold true so far.

It took many hours to learn Syr most of his spells. I learned everything from level 1-16 spells between level 2-12 soloing everything.

Also on a different note, its MORE FUN to learn it while exping because it feels like we’re making headway with our job. Sitting around watching a mob ‘miss’ a high level waiting for them to TP up is amazingly boring. We hope to continue holding true to this style of learning spells, while still learning them ALL because well its just fun!

I’ll report on our progress and when we divert from this path and why in future updates. Another bonus to this is the spell learning quest takes to mobs and areas we’d never actually think about duoing at those levels and we’re learning so much more about mob cons in different areas. Since I’ve always taken my SPTs to out of the way spots (its easy coz its always LS mates who are willing to try non crowded spots), being able to do this with BLU is So fun! šŸ™‚


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