BLU 27

BLU exp session 09/11/06So last night me and Syr went out to exp again. We started out in Sauro doing T con beetles and were chaining them great at 25. Once we hit 26 and the exp ring effect was about to run out, I suggested we move camp since the beetle camp only has 4 spawns and we were killing them really fast already. (click on images to view them in larger versions)

So we moved towards Garlaige’s entrance and was chaining T skinks, beetles, goblins. Doing ok not bad not bad… then all of a sudden this IT gob came outta no where and agroed us while resting. Syr slepted it and we bolted towards Garlaige which wasnt far.

BLU exp session 09/11/06After that we came back out and took out 2 gobs and 2 skinks…. at the 2nd skink Syr died :/ it just hit us way too hard. So he hp’d and we decided to go to Qufim tour doing giants and gobs. This was really slow. It was like not enough gobs due to another BLU exping there and giants were annoying because they took the same amount of mp to take out but gave less exp now -_-;; Makado then got out of Dynamis Windy and joined us for all of 10 minutes, then we wiped to a buncha bats in Qufim tower and he had to go to sleep.

On the way back from Whitegate (hurray for free warp taru!), I mentioned going to Rolandberry since it’s closer and we havent tried it yet. At this point it was 1am already and we’ve been at it since 10pm est? We were both not very far from 27 and wanted to get it the same night. So off to Roland we went and things went much better. I was tired and lazy so Syr picked out targets after a while and we picked on Goblins, Bees and Quadavs.

Poke the QuadavWe had to zone maybe 3 times due to links from the IT quadavs and also from a failed experiment of taking out a IT BLM Gob lol… damn those stupid shamans spikes. After a while of more calmed exping, very relaxed (considering I was half asleep! haha) Syr goes “Lets try the goobue” at which point I went -_-;; and proceeded to ignore him. In the end we both dinged 27 and went off to la la land! Tonight we try again!

Last’s night’s exp was a bitttt more difficult in terms of where to go to fight things. It’s one of those level windows where things are either too hard or too easy with 1 or 2 mobs here and there that’s just perfect. IT was amazingly hard for us to duo, VT was just perfect, finding T to chains was even better yet we had to run around just looking for any. At this point we just started killing everything.

Tonight we’re unsure yet where to go as I have not done my research XD but will report on our findings later. More random pictures! XD

BLU animation is just too cool! ><
Taru BLU Rocks anyday!

Taru together, in any situation is great for randomness. We zoned into Garlaige and somehow lined up with another taru… with two mithras and then this male taru wanted in. There was a crowd of about 3-4 random people at the zone who all stopped…. to stare lolol and point and laugh. Ahhhh tarus are great I tell ya
Taru BLU Rocks anyday!

The Bubbly BLUey…. >.>;;;;; …shatap!
Taru BLU Rocks anyday!

Since Bludgeon is just so damned cool… I tried to take photos of it… this is the best I could get and it’s pretty bad…
Taru BLU Rocks anyday!

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