Hades lost the Astral Candy…10th time

Lost the astral candescence This was a pretty in depth entry so it took me a while to finish it. But here it is! Again please click on images to view full size.

On September 9th, Hades lost astral candy again to the Undead hordes >.>;; I happened to be logged in for some ungodly reason but I was sleeping lol… Since I was conviniently snoozing in my mog house I was able to record the events that happened via system message.

Long story short: Hades from my pov has been sucking at undead besieged recently. BADLY sucking. How can you ‘not know’ what those seals are for. How can you ‘not know’ that the generals represent each seals and if generals fall… who cares if Medusa is dead or not, we’ve lost the Astral Candy.

Everytime that I’ve been to besieged lately there has been a small group of people, me included who have been shouting “Protect last general or we loose astral candy” Credit given where it’s due, it works everytime. People start flooding towards the general and voila the day is saved. Maybe I take for granted that I read all the information SE gave us before the released of besieged even, and every update since then. I think other should too :/ or at least… when people shout “omg protect the generals” dont go “no no come to medusa” coz you know… dying over and over to Medusa > protecting the astral candy.

So then when I woke up that morning after all the hoolabaloo, after loosing the Astral Candescense, apparently there were at least 1 alliance worth of people there trying to get it back. They failed miserably if what I hear is correct.

2 days go by… still no other groups went until Sunday evening. On Sunday (After our BLU party) I had bugged Vivid enough that she agreed to take us on a cruise to Arrapago Reefs and retrieve our Astral Candymachine. The following is what happened:

There was already an alliance there, apparently they had problems getting to the bc which is actually the easiest part of the whole thing. We found a prty of 6 made out of mostly AP people, but since most of the others were in Limbus, we could not get another war or nin to play kiter for the lamia NMs. Vargy found us a war by the name of Cli, ^^ was fun to play with him and would do so again anytime!

So our party make up was:
WHM – Aquelia
NIN – Scinder
THF – Vivid
RDM – Syrinx
BRD – Varg
WAR – Cli

On the boat to Nashmau (cause I’m sure by now everyone noticed that you cant take the portals without the AC), we met up with the other party that wiped before reaching the bc earlier and decided to ally with them. Vid said “the more the merrier”! We were all happily jauntily allied and we’re all ok until certain topics of conversation came up in party that made us go O.o;;;; but that’s ok! We’re making new friends!

I’ll just cut straight to the part where the other party dissolved the alliance lol… One of their members agroed 5 Qutrubs + Lamia No.19 or some such nasties. This was near the gate that needed the merrow humunculus to enter. Now… any smart person will know that Qutrubs resist sleep like crazy. These were supposively DC Qutrubs but as a party of 6 we’ve agroed 2 and had a LOT of problems.

Knowing by way of past many wipage experience the situation we had on hand, we graciously said “just die we’ll raise you”. I know that sounds really mean and honestly in any other situation we’d have saved the other party. But its friggin 2am, most of us gotta go to work tomorrow and this has already taken longer than we expected due to the alliance, we were hoping it’d be twice as fast than this already.

The other party lost 3 people and the others survived by bringing the Qutrub through the gate at which point Scinder vokes and stars tanking one. The others depopped. This whole time I had not zoned in to the other side, I knew if more than anything that I’d be needed on this side for Raises. Once everything had depopped and went back to their point of origin, I started raising everyone and the other party was crazy mad at us >.>;; Well some were some werent and completely understood why a sacrifice needed to be made by the person who agroed all these things.

Well anyways the end result was, while we were discussing whether it’d be nice of us to dissolve the alliance at this point, they kindly did it themselves for us ^^ We got the second key item and got to the bc in hardly anytime and I managed to snag a few more exp for my whm which lately has been sucking up R1s for no apparent reason.

While members were wc’ing and stuff the other party arrives and asks if we wanna go in first. Vargy said “members afk you can go ahead if you want”. So they enter and we figured they’d do really well. They did take out the first two lamia NM No. 24 and No. 18. hurray! We were very proud of them. So with the team work that ensued, they helped us get the first two to 33% and we finished the rest. (Our original plan was to go in at least twice by whittling their HP down then going after No.11 the final time)

They wiped on No.11. Then it was our chance to go in and the strategy was to go all out on No.24, concentrate on No.18 while vid kited No.11.

It worked great up until we got to No.11 and at about 7%%hp she charmed us.. We were good on mp, everything was going perfect…. but then everyone started killing me and Syrinx -_-;; oh goodie both mages down. We got back up, things were good, scin who also went down was raised, (I < no drama nothing!). We’re sorta back up to our feet again, Vid and Cli doing wonders kiting, when sudden she comes after vargy and just does him in.

Vargy raised… ok here we go.. 4 people weakened.. and Vid and Cli keeps kiting her like the champs they are. I toss out Regen III (I LOVETHAT SPELL!) and theire HPs are slowly looking OK again.

Once the mages were all situated and Scin got unweakened, we went back at it full force. This time, we ALL sat near here so that Belly Dance would hit all of us. Instead of raising and weakened downtime, we figured, standing around staring at No.11’s butt would be a much nicer waste of time.

There was however a flaw in this strategy… one of the tarus were always not charmed. First it was Syrinx. Then while Syrinx was raising, it happened again. And then it was Vargy. Amazingly I survived, I was able to kite our entire lineup of front line jobs + a lamia until they were all uncharmed lool.. HURRAY STONESKIN!

Now… this lamia.. I wanna smack her she literally spammed Belly Dance towards the end of her life span. But we kept whittling her away using everything at our disposal. By 3% HP… omg… we’re SO ALMOST THERE, Vargy and Syr were once again down due to Belly Dance, so there was only 4 of us left on her. so… at 3%hp… she decides to Belly Dance… we saw her ready it and let out a collective “HELL NO!” even the other party watching on the outside was groaning in misery!

BUT ALAS! SHe never got it off because Scinder decided to Mijin Gakure in her face. TAKE THAT U BISH! And we won the bc lolol. In the end it was a LOT of fun and we saved the AC and won cool titles 🙂 huzzah!

Lost the astral candescence

Brand new shiney title! XD
Lost the astral candescence</a


One thought on “Hades lost the Astral Candy…10th time

  1. The reason 5 DC adds sucks is because of what FFXIClopedia says: “In the region that has the Astral Candescence, beastmen are approximately 5-6 levels higher than what they con. For example, a mob that cons even match may actually fight like a Tough to Very Tough mob.”

    So 5 DC’s is really 5 VT’s… a two party alliance would easily wipe to that.

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