It only makes sense….

that I like culinary since I love to garden! I also like harvesting and anything to do with food IRL and in GAME! XD I am currently 94.8 culinary. Took me oh only since start of US retail till now to get this far lol… cept I do it in spurts

When I first started out I got from 0-10 culinary in one day. Then I did not progress for 3 days while continously wasting materials! Until one day someone says to me “Aque you did your level 10 exam right?” duh…. No I did, man such a noob!

Since then it’s been spurts of 10 levels everytime I do it, then lowered to 5 levels everytime I craft. This past Thursday I believe, I sat down and used up everything I had gathered in the past month and within a few quick hours got from 90-94.8. Most of the time was spent… MULING yes… I can level culinary in not time if I didnt need to mule so much.

But the reason why I have so much stuff to mule is also because I am a firm believer of doing recipes 1 level before, since I hit level 85 culinary. It’s worked amazing well. For every 2 1/2 stacks of ingredients I average 1.0 of skill up! Which is not bad at all. The most I ever did was 4 stacks ‘one’ time due to breaks, between 88-89.

I got from 94-94.8 with about 1 stack of ingredients and countless crystal and other ingredient breaks. IN the end I lost 1 stack of really important things and who knows how many random junk. I was trying to skill up on Rice Dumplings lol…. without the 15 wood skill needed -_-;; because again I’m such a n00b!

Now in my plan is to skill up to 15 wood before doing Rice Dumplings again as we’re at that stage where our SPT and me especially need it for multiple jobs.

AJA HWAITING! Here we go! Last leg to 100 🙂


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