BLU 29

Last night Syr and I went to exp in Qufim, since Syr wanted to learn me Smite of Rage while exping off the weapons. Those things… are weakly! At 27 We got up to chain 3 or 4 a lot of times. Then at night time chained 3-4 wights. When we hit 28, we started chaining pugs as well in order to just keep on killing without waiting too long for repops. End result:

Aquelia Learns Smite of Rage!

We're Level 29!

And just for fun we decided to try a VT acro at the start of the night lol…… with exp band on here’s what we got and check out our hp XD:
Acrophies are INSANE!

Picture of the night: We decided to visit mr dancing weapon in his penthouse
Matrix Style Fighting!


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