VenusBrave – Day 12

Today, I started him on a regiment of new care options. Details in the photos below, but I will be alternating between walks in town, listening to music and basic care. Every two days of walk in town will alternate with a day of listening to music, but will slowly phase out the listening to music part to maybe once every 4 days.

I will also be taking him out for walks whenever I check on him, feeding him vomp carrots every other day and supplementing the rest with Azouph greens. Going to completely cut out Gyshal greens now.

Final chocobo is hopefully a balance of mentally stable but more prone for physical strength. He is currently very very happy, regards me as a parent and is eating more!

2 walks, 2 watches, 1 vomp carrot and 1 azouph today.

Photo reports:
VenusBrave Day 12 VenusBrave Day 12 VenusBrave Day 12


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