Wildgrass Seed – Experiment 1

So, since I came into this whole chocobo raising thing about a month late, I decided to just check out what other people were doing on other forums/website before starting my experiments. A lot of what I suspected would grow from different combinations turned out to be true cept I am not sure why others are coming up with (what I personally call) failure crops. Unless you’re really not taking care of your plants its REALLY hard to grow worms or rock salts. But considering this is a new seed with yields in great demand, I considered that perhaps SE put more chances of failure into these, just like the saplings. So with that in mind, I set out to take the ‘usual’ care but made sure not to be careless.

Gardening Mule Stats:
Name: Chujeje (Main gardening mule)
Location: Bastok
Pot: 10 Porcelain
Gardening enhancing furnitures: 2 Worktables 8 Maple Tables
Total Earth Element: 76 (unsure what this does? check my gardening blurp here)

Planting Stats:
Planting Day: Watersday
Feeding Day: Lightsday
Crystal Fed: Water
Harvest Day: Watersday

Here is the results of my first crop of Wildgrass seed:
Fire Crystals 34
Gyshal Greens 9
Sharug Greens 10
Azouph Greens 37
Tokopekko Wildgrass 16

1. Wildgrass seeds can yield more than the original 3 maximum types of harvest per seed (maximum number will be provided after further experiments)
2. Wildgrass seed + porcelain pot + water crystal = best combination to grow the ‘basic food’ for your chocobo
3. Keep an eye out for what day you plant, feed and harvest as I believe the formula from other seeds still hold true to the new seed.


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