BLU 30, Assault, Baby Dragons and NIN 30

Gonna roll a buncha updates all into one.

On Wednesday night me and Syr took our BLUs out to Carpenter’s Landing (South dock) and chained upper level Ts and EMs. With 2 dedication recharges, we went got about 5k exp in about an hour and a 1/2. We can kill pretty much everything there, Tigers, Pugils, Birdtraps. Its a GREAT EXP spot. We learned me Claw Cyclone from the tigers here ^^, next up is Syr! Once we hit 34 I think we’ll do some serious spell searching again.

We stopped at 30 because we had Assault SPT that night, so off we ran to try and get Superior Private. However since we are an spt of 4 people, we were only able to successfully complete 4 unique tier 2 assaults. Will be repeating the Mamool Tr. Grnd. assault 4 more times to get next rank up, I think.

After Assault we ran over to help Skyla with her sandoria dragon! See a long long time ago skyla and syrinx shared an account, but now she’s got her own so she is redoing everything including missions. We went with naked scin as war, me and syr as BLU and skyla as rdm (I think?) All me and syr did was spam spells lol…. and we didnt even run out of mp when the dragon and eye died. Very very fun! I look forward to taking BLU on enm runs and mission runs helping people! XD

Then last night (Thursday night) the NIN SPT finally got to meet up after a week or no activity due to Fooshie’s work. He is now a free man (read his exploits here: and will have more time to crank up levels in the SPT. We went from 26-30 (2k exp into it) in about 4 hours or so. Vid is coming as BLU the next time we meet which will be this Tuesday at 9pm EST (REMINDER! dont make me smacka you guys). I really need to start replacing some gear on my NIN but will not have any time to shop D: so they’ll just need to deal with gimp NIN for a few levels. Utsu: Ni GOT! Forgot to mention also that sometime 2 weeks ago Nain and Vargy helped me with the bcnm for Ni and we got it on my orb, so lucky! XD Thanks much babes <

Carpenters Landing is purdyyy ❤
Carpenters Landing


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