BLU 32! AJA!

AJA AJA HWAITING! So tonight me and syr got to 32 BLU ^^ 2 levels, in about 4hours of work, 2 deaths lol… and a lot of just waiting around because I was working on random junk IRL, including the gallery that Vid and I are adding to the site 🙂

Skyla came to join us tonight! So it wasnt technically a duo the entire night. She came on her 30RDM and we just didnt get nice exp from Carpenters Landing (which, for some reason when we got closer to 31, things started turning DC >.>:; when they were conning Ts and EMs everywhere just a few fights before).

So after an agro from a tiger and a mass wipage of our threesome, we decided to move camp. I then went to con clippers in Korro (figured it was worth a check if nothing else) Definitely too low! Then after digging around, I decided we needed to find worms and voila, off to Attohwa Chasm we went and what a good idea it was! VT and T worms. With 3 people the exp wasnt all that hot but it wasnt all that bad either! Faster kills made up for it.

We all dinged 31 at last and Sky had to go, but me and Syr kept going for a bit more and dinged 32!! What a pleasant surprise. Was too busy trying to exp and also work on the website + a favor for a friend that I didnt take any photos :/

Next up: Vivid would like to join us with her 32 BST, so we’re going to try to trio it for a while. Having a BST will change how we play a lot. I’m already thinking of ways in which we can utilize her pets. Perhaps having her pet whittle down the enemy hp to keep chains up, while me and syr rest MP so we can finish off the mob where her pet leaves off. We’ll see what happens with that.

Must find new camps where exp can either come really fast with 3 people, or take the normal amount of time with more. /prays for more worms or undeads!


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