VenusBrave – Chocobo Raising Day 16

VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 16GOOD NEWS! Today, after the ‘walk in town’ regiment, Hantileon tells me that VenusBrave is perky and will react to anything I give it! I’m afraid to ruin the direction in which my chocobo is heading now but I’ll be feeding him a parasite worm to see if my current threory is true about parasite worms. If not, welps, still have enough time to undo any damages before he turns into a teen.

VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 16Additional change of plans: Fed him the parasite worm before taking him out for daily walks. This is to make sure that if feeding parasite effects his energy in any way, that it wont make him ill. He eats the parasite worm in a single gulp! So that means he likes it. It also changes from fire aura to light aura when he eats it. The animation was too fast and I wasnt expecting anything other than the normal fire aura, but I tried to capture an image of it, click to see larger.

Took him out for 3 walks today, and his energy didnt drop to the crazy amount it did yesterday:
VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 16

Watches him 2 times and repeatedly received “your chocobo is in high spirits” and energy still didnt drop to alarming levels:
VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 16

Since he was still a little hungry, I fed him another vomp carrot and got a ‘little’ full, so added an azouph greens in there as well to bring him to ‘completely full’.

That’s it for today! I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings now that I’ve fed him a parasite worm. Photo Reports:
VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 16 VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 16 VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 16


5 thoughts on “VenusBrave – Chocobo Raising Day 16

  1. well….some people try to use parasites like tape worms as a means to lose weight – though I would think a 40 foot long squiggly thing living in your intestines wouldn’t be a pleasant form of weight control >.>

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