VenusBrave – Chocobo Raising Day 17

HURRAY!! Even more changes today. He reacted to the worm in the way vid expected, he gained more personality! He went from ‘patient’ to ‘very patient’. Correction> Vid just looked at all my screenies and can tell that he was ‘very patient’ from the first time the message became available 😦 blarghh there goes that theory

Additional theories on parasite worms from my head: I think that if you’re doing everything towards a certain personality/behavior (such as a mental or a physical chocobo), when the chance arrives, feeding it a parasite worm will confirm that personality trait on your choco, a ‘level 1’ so to speak. Then you continue along that path and try to make the chocobo stronger in what you want, the next time the chance comes to feed a worm again, it will ‘level up’ your chocobos personality to a second stage. Since we do not yet have much proof, I’ll continue raising a physical chocobo and feed a parasite worm the moment I can next do it.

In my opinion, if you dont head your chocobo in the direction you want, parasite worm will probably either have a detrimental effect or no effect at all. Not going to completely scratch this yet, going to see what happens tomorrow since I fed a parasite worm today.

I wish we could line up like 10 chocobo raisers and do a standardized growing experiment on them all lol

Confirmation of a theory: I think we can safely say that worms ‘should’ be fed only during the ‘your chocobo is perky and will react to anything you give it’ period.

Another finding: Just out of curiousity, I decided not to feed my chocobo first and took it out on walks instead. Unlike yesterday, he could only go out for 3 times before getting really tired, check out his energy:
VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 17

I just grew a batch of vomp carrots so I’ll be switching his diet to completely vomp carrots from now on. Today he ate 2 carrots and was completely full. His entire regiment will now be all walks (if he gets bored I’ll switch it up)

Daily report photos:
VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 17 VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 17


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