Quick Update BLU 34, NIN 35

Just a quick update on BLU and NIN.

On Monday Vid joined me and Syr on her BST and we got to 34. Location: Altepa, doing IT stuff with Vid’s pets was a pretty good idea. We died a few times due to links or just plain running out of hp and mp.

The on Tuesday NIN SPT met up and went to Altepa as well, got from 30-33, then switched to Garlaige until 35 before we called it a night, 2 more levels till Utsu: Ni!

Probably not gonna be able to update a lot until this weekend, work is piling in like crazy >< Theres a big potential I might need to put BLU on hold for a week or so until this end of the month work traffic slows down. I HOPE NOT! D: I'm starting to get really frazzled and moody from just working every morning noon and night for the past 3 days now. I've been doing while playing the game ; ; since last week, in order to get caught up, but new stuff comes in everyday. I should not be complaining because it means business = GOOD XD /happy

In other parts of Vanadiel:
Gardening – Huge WIldgrass crop just got done, wont be starting next one until i have some more time.

Culinary: 95 cooking ^^ Will be sstuck here for a while until I find some time to go royal jelly farming


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