VenusBrave – Chocobo Raising Day 28

Okie so my theory is right… lol he’s taking turns being bored and hurt every other day. Fed him 2 gausebit grass this time, just to see if he’ll get better asap. This way I wont have to feed it so many at once. I feel bad for Venus though 😦 butttt I’m not sure how to fix his injury and boredome routine right now.

Affection was at ‘want to be with you all the time’. Fed him the gausebit before anything else. Then competed him twice and he won both times! Then took him out on a short walk and met Air again after so long! 🙂 Then watched him once.

I’ve decided to feed him a sharug green today, and his affection stayed at the same level probably due to his illness. Tomorrow I will up the sharug greens feeding to see how many it’ll take to go up to ‘parents’ again.

Tomorrow he turns into an adult! Can’t wait to do the choco whistle quest for him and ride my own choby! ❤

Some thoughts on the choco raising process: I think they need to fix the feeding interface so that the npc accepts more than 1 food item. While one can still have the option of feeding your choco one thing at a time and recording the changes, being able to trade the npc more than 1 item would be less repetitive. Though up till now I had been poopooing the naysayers of the chocobo raising system, I can admit that some of their points make sense. The interface for chocobo raising, can be a bit more interactive or at least a lot less ‘clunky’ buttt the other side of the spectrum is, this is just the way the game is. Its not a horrible interface, but its definitely not the most involving either.

I LOVE raising my little Venus but at the same time, I admit that being super busy with other things and finding it hard to slip in 20 minutes of my time daily towards chocobo raising makes me really sad, but that again is my own personal scheduling issues, not really something SE has to fix. So the toss up is, I either dont raise a choco, or make choco raising one of the main things I log on for daily if I dont have time for anything else.

In the future, I will be experimenting with the built in care system and maybe breed a choco where I check only once a week and see how it develops. Worth a shot!

Photo Report:
VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 28 VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 28 VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 28 VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 28 VenusBrave Chocobo Raising Day 28


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