SPTs on Hold! ; ;

After reaching 40 with NIN spt and 39BLU with Syr, we’ve had the bad news of Timex quitting the game this past Sunday. Due to my schedule also, we’ve not been able to meet as often as we did before. Havent really exp’d BLU for almost 2 weeks now? All in all, NIN SPT is now bardless so Syr got recruited by Varg to join our SPT… end result, BLU gets shelved for both of us until his BRD is caught up.

Counting in Assault, and now Limbus, we may be able to level our BLU maybe once a week ; ; depending on whether or not Isaac and I have something planned for our off days.

Another part of game life that I’ve been able to keep up with other than choco raising is gardening and culinary! The crops are doing well but I’m still growing a lot of worms >.>;; I’m not ready to say just yet that ‘Wildgrass just grows tons of worms!’ because I still think I’m doing something wrong. A few more crops will provide much needed data for me to make some assumptions.

As for culinary…. after a whole year of slacking around… FINALLY 🙂

Obtained Chef's Hat!
Aque the Chef Set Complete!

Currently attempting to farm enough to get from 95-99 ; ;


2 thoughts on “SPTs on Hold! ; ;

  1. thanks!! XDDD Another year of slacking before I get the other +1 D::: and maybe I’ll unslack enough to try and camp that katana nm… >.>;;;

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