The Nature of a Slacker…

Because I am a slacker by nature, I naturally veer towards past times that allow me to completely and absolutely do… nothing, while still being entertaining >.>;; yes, amazing isnt it.

So, other than during beta (where I was all level gung ho crazy, wanted to be one of the top few that got to 50, to become the first whm with /smn25 for auto refresh, to be one of the few who fought SL over and over before during the last day of beta and god knows what else), my entire FFXI journey has been one of me enjoying the most laid back play style. Whenever I have been burdened too much with ‘you gotta do this and you gotta do that and lets camp this and lets kill that for this gear and I want this gear and bla bla’, I can only tolerate it for a while before I go ape shit on everyone.

Now my play style has gotten to such an extent that everyone knows better than to ask me to camp a HNM, or go to sky, or do anything that revolves getting gear that does not involve ‘lets sell little stacks of junk on AH for a year until she gets enough gil to buy the ingredients and have friends signcraft it’.

All dandy and I’m having so much fun just doing random things I wanna do. Nothing related to spending 3-4hrs of my very precious-hard to get free time camping or staring or alt-tabbing around for a thing that everyones gonna get pissed at if we dont get the pull, or if the RMT does.

Keyword being RMT. Now, RMT have never affected my playtime, I dont think they should exist, I think measures should be stopped but after several personal run ins with these cretins, I’ve decided its much saner for me to just live a nice peaceful cyber life, away from RMT related issues.

Until recently, when I came back from my 3 month long hiatus (I do that several times a year whenever RL gets ubar busy) I decided to take my culinary up to 100, preferably before the end of the year as I’m now really interested to level another craft, for fun. Since getting culinary to 95, one of the ways I’ve decided to ‘farm’ for the rest of the ingredients needed to get to 100, is to make money via all the ingredients I’ve had stored. HQ Food sells for a pretty nice amount and I can actually HQ with some consistency now.

So that’s what I’ve been doing whenever I had spare time about a week and a half ago. Happily HQing pies in Sandoria and being happy at the prices there but of course everyone knows that the best market is Jeuno! So off to Jeuno this shipment of pies went and on to the AH… oh wait, let me go back. When they reached Jeuno, my mule who then promptly visited the AH to check on prices promply had a heart attack because ‘every’ single line of ‘sold by’ on all my HQ pies were by names that looked like “Symtd” “Xtygfd”……………….. >.>;; I am shocked to say that my previous memory of buying HQ pies were from cute little taru chefts (coz they always had some form of the word ‘taru’ in it or I see them crafting around Jeuno lol). I have not done so in over a year. So every single sale was done by a RMT… and they have continued to do so.

I was able to sell 1 stack that day, before voila… for some reason… the next day the price on all the HQs I made plummeted to 10k below what it was yesterday >.>;;…. still sold by the same persons!

How is it possible for these persons to make SO MANY HQ pies? Out of 4 hours of work so I was only able to HQ 4 stacks of or so Apple pie. Yet there were about 27 stacks on sale. After ranting about this to Syr, our conclusion is that it’s because all these RMT crafters do is craft. They dont do it for half hour or an hour a day, they do it 24/7, so whatever they craft, the chances of HQ are way way higher.

After the usual period of my pies being up, every single stack of pies was returned 😦 The RMT undercutted themselves and continue to sell off all their pies lol. I’ve decided to just keep the pies for now until either prices go up or at least stable out, since I have no clue how to match these kind of prices “24,000” “26,500” “28,000” “25,000” “27,000”…….. >.>;;

So we come to the reason why I have once again become extremely annoyed in the game… because my nature as a slacker is being challenged! RMT Causes me to do WORK. I refuse to work in the game. I’m either going to do something because it offers me some semblance of fun, helping a friend or will somehow escalate towards ‘fun’.

I’m seriously looking forward to the SE ‘task force’ in October and perhaps it will clamp down on some of this rampant RMTing going on in front of everyone. Going out to exp only to see the RMT smn or blm or meelee army at your camps doing HORRIBLY can be really fun sometimes, but extremely annoying when they start harrassing your mages for raises every other minute.

Recently, while I was ranting about this a friend said to me: “Stop whining and do something about it.”………… -_-;;; Ok mr smarty, #1, if this was a RL situation I would have been able to fix it, do something about it, remove myself from the situation etc. #2, since this is a game situation, theres absolutely nothing I can do about it because it’s a cyber world where I have no control over the environment. #3, I would SO do something about it if I was a hacker. I would. RMTs make me wish I had was a brainiac. I’ve even considered getting in touch with Jason to ask him if he’d write me up some ‘codes’ D::::: but Isaac just stared at me funny so I realized to break RL laws for an game peeve…. erm yeah.

So to all you slackers out there whose slackerhood is being affected by RMTs, add me to your club :/. Signing off.


3 thoughts on “The Nature of a Slacker…

  1. Don’t fret Aque D: You are indeed correct that the majority of the hq appear to come from RMT – suspect it’d be similar for all consumable goods because, as regular players have found, consumable products sell with more consistency. I’ve seen a randomly named taru sit in jeuno making shihei for hours, come back from exping and find them still there making shihei – the only way to beat them is to undercut as well and hope the person who buys your stacks doesn’t care about saving a few k and just bids at the price on AH. You also need to put only a few stacks on the AH at a time because the RMT sit at the AH and DO remove product and relist and lower prices pretty quickly. What they’re accomplishing is moving product in quantity because in the long run…losing a few k from a couple stacks now is insignifcant – they’ll just make more for hours and hours selling at any form of profit. If you undercut and sell your pies for a decent profit – even if not can sit down and make more hq pies tomorrow or whenever for more gil. Unfortunately, sitting on your pies will do nothing for your gil situation and will not change the gilseller’s mentality or sales record ; ;

  2. Another thing that might be beneficial would be to find 4-5 (or more if ambitious) hq recipes that sell well and are decent to hq (or sell well nq – probably a few left at any given time) Then store most of the product, selling only 1-2 stacks of each at any given time. This will keep your AH slots full and profit coming in but will allow you the flexibility to continue to undercut the gilsellers 1-2 stacks at a time. Don’t be overly drastic in the cut but always shave a few k off the price if it appears the gilsellers are lower – on occasion try buying a stack of hq for like…1k as I’ve seen that sometimes when gilsellers are beaten at their undercutting repeatedly, they’ll put up a batch of hq for 1gil-2,000 betting on the fact that noone else will place it that low and that people won’t try to bid that low if the listed price is…as with your pies – 26k or so.

  3. Wowowow Vargy those are GREATTTTTT ideas thank you so much ^^ I’m going to put my food items back on AH based on what you say and just put 2 stacks of different things instead of 7 stacks of the same things. Will post an update on how that goes ^^ ty ty!

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