Hello readers! This is guest writer Vivid, filling in for Aque-taru. Aquelia has been pretty busy recently so she has no time to blog at the moment. She’s probably busy watching Heroes (/thumbsup) or Xena: Warrior Princess.

I’m in the process of creating a theme matching the current Waltz For Ariah site as per Aquelia’s request. If you’re visiting this very moment you’ll probably see me fiddling with a lot of things and a lot of broken displays, don’t panic!
At the moment the site theme should be almost identical to mine with the exception of the title graphic. I’ll probably change it a bit more after I get a hold of Aquelia again. All posts have been reformatted to fit this theme, drop a comment if you see anything unusual.

p.s. – No, I don’t know when she will finally update Day 43 of her chocobo diary. =P


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