Oh em gee!

Yeah yeah I slacked off a wholeeeee bunch but it was coz of ff12 I tell ya. I even tried out WoW for a bit and other kinds of stuff, and I’m still interested in everything yet have not too much time to play. But The nin spt, though we lost some sorely missed members, have been continued again due to Vargy’s efforts to keep us all together 🙂 /smoochies vargy.

His excuse was “but thats the one time a week we get to hang out with Mrs Mognet!” awwww now who can resist that hehe <33

Right now I'm about to go level blu again with syr OMG! yeah we're still 39 where we left off. Oh and my chocobo has been discontinued like a long time ago coz he wont stop being lovesick -_- I just got really busy and tired of it so I stopped.

This week sometime, probably Wednesday night I'll bug vid about playing with my weetle gnomey on WoW. Isaac has swing that night so he's usually gone but we'll see if he goes, he's kinna hooked on civ4 and this is the only pc that can run it in the house.

Jen's wedding was so beautiful and great! 🙂 and that kept me busy for a long while and I couldnt hardly think of anything else. I started on xmas crafts already but didnt finish them since Sheri's been here, she's pretty distracting lol. She's been staying with us for 2 months now almost, on and off. Today she turned in her honors thesis and tomorrow she leaves for Pittsburgh but she may be back.

Anne's coming to visit for 5 days at some point this month, I'm really looking forward to that. I so so so love it when my friends randomly visit ^^ and I feel oh so special when they want to spend so much time with me even tho I'm mostly annoying and bitchy XDDDDD < grrr but we'll do it next year and not rush it and have a nice LONG break. I'm looking forward to it! ^^

welps I'll be sure to make more updates now XD So tune in for more yummy nothingness!


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