before I run, I just…

had to share XDDDDD

[15:12] derthy8iv: omg
[15:12] derthy8iv: why do i look like a mime
[15:13] derthy8iv: w
[15:13] derthy8iv: t
[15:14] derthy8iv: f
[15:14] AzizahTheLegend: see
[15:14] AzizahTheLegend: if u send a photo
[15:14] AzizahTheLegend: it’ll be fixed!
[15:14] AzizahTheLegend: its kinnof cute
[15:14] AzizahTheLegend: ur sim does this weird
[15:14] AzizahTheLegend: sway motion
[15:14] AzizahTheLegend: and giggles to himself
[15:14] AzizahTheLegend: from time to time
[15:14] AzizahTheLegend: hahahahah
[15:14] derthy8iv: shut UP you
[15:15] AzizahTheLegend: hahahahahha
[15:15] AzizahTheLegend: i wubss uuu!
[15:15] derthy8iv: if i could strangle you right now
[15:15] derthy8iv: omg why cant i comment
[15:15] AzizahTheLegend: u wouldnt coz u ❤ meeeeee
[15:15] derthy8iv: comment doesnt work!
[15:15] derthy8iv: /click rapidly on submit
[15:16] AzizahTheLegend: I think I have to approve ur comm ent u idgit -_-


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