well poop :(

I made this totally entertaining post about my SIMFXI project and its all gone now 😦 and I’m running outta time so instead I’ll just post the pictures.

SIMFXI = simmitizing my FFXI friends.

I started with Vivid. Her sim name is Vivid Ariah and her lot is Venus Manor. I made her look as close to her RL counterpart as I could?? XDDDDD BAHAHAHHAHA, mouse over each picture to see a description ^^

Vid is born!

Vid in her new lot! ^^

Close up!!

Yay! I figured out how to get even closer upper!

Second up was SCINNY! His sim name is Scinder Luong and his lot is Braves. See if you just gave me your RL piture this wont have happened……………………. >.>;; you can still change it!!!!

Scin is born!

Something is starting to stink in this brand new lot!

Scin likes to pout awww

I think I'm cute!

bahahah XD gotta run and do buncha errands that I went on and on about in the previous post that got lost buttttttt I wont bother going into it again but gotta run, be back later with more simfxi prolly XD


5 thoughts on “well poop :(

  1. Hot~! /sizzle

    Except Scin… dunno what’s going on with him! Does the game have some sort of poofy shirt you can give him?

  2. Uh huh…while you’re at it give me striped tights, white gloves, and a house that’s completely imaginary. Yes, wouldn’t that be amusing! /strangles you

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