Morning SunShine! XD

Yeah I know like 99.9999999999999% of ya’ll are either still awake or just ready to go to sleep or wont read this for another 15hrs while you sleep. But good morning anyways 🙂

Figured I’d make a real update while I felt like it, I think the Vid in my head is achieving her guilt trip success, even tho the real Vid is prolly like huh wtf?

Gaming wise…. Up until about a week and a half ago I hadnt touched any games at all since I played Sims2 over the Xmas holidays lol. SO BUSY! We travelled every weekend and it was a lot of fun ^^ the bad thing was >< but we made a deal that I wont buy any of those things until theres a game I REALLY REALLY WANT TO HAVE AND STUFFS which wont be for a longgg while thank god lol. But still when I hear about people with their ps3 and wii and junk I get all jealous ; ; I wanna collect too! BUt but but a new laptop and a huge trip to asia will be much better so savings land here we come XD

Back to FFXI, what have I been doing? Welps the usual stuff, meriting, chatting up people on ls, assault, chatting up people not on ls, some sea junk, annoying all of vargs friends that I dont really know too well by chatting them up, Pling yes… I'm back to being the uber PLer! nin and blu are on hold for a bit, trying to set up another spt on my smn since I do want to get smn to 75 some of these years. We'll see how long I can keep up this time lol… as usual I give myself a month, but I think with the new financial rules I set for myself, FFXi is gonna have to last me a LONG time.

Alrighty, enough blablaupdate for now ^^ so vid do I get my cookie? 😮


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