who we are

I wonder if everyone around us who cared and loved for us disappeared, will we still be who we are? Or will who we are disappear too? If we cannot remember who we are, and theres no one else to remember us, who do we become?

…. nani??? No I’m not going bonkers, go watch Red Garden hai hai.


One thought on “who we are

  1. If your real question is if we lose our memory and no one remember us do you mean from a medical or philosophical standpoint? I haven’t watched Red Garden so I dunno where they’re coming from but there are all sort of memory losses. Theoretically if you can’t remember who you are and there’s no one to remind you then you’ll probably become a new person depending on the environment you’re in now. That is, if you believe that no matter what you’ll always innately carry your past memories within you. I forget which religion or philosophy it was that believed in that, maybe you’ll know. They believe that everything we ‘learn’ is just us remembering how to do it, I guess from a previous life? Maybe it was Hinduism. I think that’s a neat thing to believe in. Personally, I believe that as long as there’s even a tiny bit of memory of your existence then you’ll never disappear. Everything you know or believe to know and everything you are is based on what you learned and remembered in your lifetime afterall (maybe even a previous life or who knows, a future life! :p).

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