For this weird Skitzer person

Here you go, nue fang dropped. Now you REALLY didnt get any drop did ya? Consider it as I killed it for you and nothing dropped! the end!

-_- geez seriously

photo coming -_- uploading to ftp server and here it is! coz ftp wont work I biotched

and if all that html junk doesnt work just go here”

p/s: this is how much i dont give a shit about a virtual item -_-;; If you want to camp nue, sit next to nue.. dont make people have to play hide and seek. I bet if I was camping it and hiding somewhere and you came to look for it and found it you’d kill it since you cant see anyone either and btw tabbing around… I connected with absolutely no PC character so I have no clue how you were hiding/standing so that I couldnt tab you, you must have some ubar sneak/invisi ability


3 thoughts on “For this weird Skitzer person

  1. You shouldn’t have dropped it. You fought the pop and won it. The other person just has a jealousy issue, on top of the bigger issue of not having a life and dwelling on an item in a virtual game. Please.

  2. what? you stole someone’s nue?!?! noooo

    lets not forget samurai steel and bq ring! you never dropped those!

    lol people go way crazy over virtual items but i guess its the game itself that does it to you. i use to stress over those crazy camp hours when i was in GO too…doing like 12hrs of camp a day…everyday…thats more than a fulltime job. and when you camp for X hrs a day for Y days, the stress does build on you.

    lol i wouldnt have dropped it. and if you still need CC’s, ill tell ushi to send you mine. i dont think he plays anymore. hes been whoring Titan Quest. skitzer will get over it.

  3. I bought my own CC XD just got 50 last night and having a blast with it. You know me I was never one for camping items or random junk like that -_- no matter the stress and what not ppl gotta realize ‘you have a choice’. If you’re so stressed out over an item, then destressify… stop worrying about the ‘item’ so much. And stop taking it out on people -_- the only time I’m interested in helping out a stressed loot nut is if they’re my friends and I’m a hypocrite that way. If I happen to already like someone very much I’ma go out of my way to help them in everything they need whenever I can, if I don’t know you, you can shove it.

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