FFXI Update

Ok, well I’ve been busy so I’ve played on and off, but this has been really the only game I’ve played in the last 6 months and the gamer in me is starting to cry from desperation. But I commend SE for making a game that as much ADD as I have, I’m still very much in love with 🐱

Recent updates added Chocobo Racing pvp style which I have not even touched and also The Pit, which I spent pretty much all of my time doing whenever I can play now. Its fun and addictive, solo and pvp content that doesnt involve a lotta wasting time. FFXIMON GO GO! We just need a FFXImon-dex now and I’ll be happy, since all these pet reflectors are starting to eat up inventory.

I have officially quit my NIN spt, I dont think they even know that yet D: but with work and everything, I just dont want to be on the game every night, and I’ve barely been on this past month anyways. So NIN is on hold at level 69, MNK… well I didnt even carry it past 59 due to lack of time. Chocobo raising wise, I have a First class speed choco, though yellow for over half a year now and I’ve given up on raising more. I garden continously still, about all I do is login to check on plants and then sell carrots in sandy with my mule lol, pretty good gil! I finally grew some ores 😛 not many but enough, and I dont know why…. I’m still doing the same things I’ve been doing I think since I started growing em /shrugs.

I still attend assault, which thankfully the team agreed to split runs into 3 days so that we dont exceed one hour or so per night, thank goodness! I want to be in bed by midnite! coz I gotta work in the mornings etc. We’re working towards 100% clear on all unique assaults, so I did a tally of which ones I’d done expecting to find lots of missing clears… to my surprise, the only one I never finished was Lebros supplies >.>;; the rest is all the new 2 tiers which we cant do yet since we’re ranking Carl and Nui up to our rank. The prize for clearing all assaults? A brand new extra tag! which helps with farming, and also free rides on the portal, which is great too.

Right now I’m itching for some news on Wings of the Goddess :/ which probably wont be forthcoming for another week or so until that Game convention in the japan or whatever happens, I think… I forgot what the event was that SE said they’d release more information on the expansion as well as 13 and the new MMO they’re building.

SE has done a great number on the RMT, server prices are nice, I can pretty much find profit in anything I can craft either on main or on mules, so there’s always a way to make gil. I kinna stopped attending besieged since being busy equates to having no time or attention span to check if besieged is happening. So if I get lucky and I happen to be on and happen to be free, I’ll be there. Too bad, I actually enjoy besiege a lot back when it was super hard and even now, when its much easier in my POV. Capped to 1hr maximum, which is good, continous resupply of certain meds through out the fight as you kill certain mobs. Having 3 sets of giant/wizard drinks and megalixirs is <3333333. especially with the 1hr cap. Its like all the hard work put into defending the city isnt wasted because the mobs can last longer at fighting you without needing to take breaks/go to other events/go to bathroom/concentration issue. 1hr cap is just perfect IMO.

ok I'm bored of rambling now so I'ma go.


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