Update after forever….

So…. vid nagged me to update like over a month ago and i said you really want another “heres an update…” update? XD and she’s like “its still an update -_-;;;;” so here’s an update!

[12:01] aque: hanakimi poster
[12:01] aque: wtih all the pretty boys
[12:01] aque: makes me oogle
[12:02] aque: i actually had a dream this morning
[12:02] aque: and there was lots of boys!
[12:02] aque: maybe it was hanakimi related
[12:02] aque: but i was eating boiled eggs
[12:02] aque: there was another girl ther ei forgot who
[12:02] aque: but before that dream was another one
[12:02] aque: about aliens
[12:02] aque: and howw we were all somehow cloned
[12:02] aque: so nobody knows who is real
[12:02] aque: so one of the cloned girls freaked out
[12:02] aque: and took the only ship we had
[12:03] aque: out to escape but there was a meteor storm hence why we were stranded
[12:03] aque: and she couldnt pilot it so it got hit with a meteor and boom
[12:03] aque: then suddenly me and isaac decided to get married
[12:03] aque: so everything switched to the marriage sequence
[12:03] aque: but something happened and isaac delayed the wedding
[12:03] aque: coz he wasnt ready or something and i was realy pissed off
[12:03] aque: and bored
[12:04] aque: and so we cancelled the wedding
[12:04] aque: even tho it was actually the day of the wedding
[12:04] aque: but in reality we were already married
[12:04] aque: cept we were doing it again for some reason
[12:04] aque: then suddenly it was decided the wedding should continue
[12:04] aque: but the groom was someone else
[12:04] aque: whose face i forgot
[12:04] aque: and to celebrate we were all eating eggs
[12:04] aque: and ther ewere lots of boys there
[12:04] aque: and i thought to myself
[12:04] aque: hanakimi???
[12:04] aque: then someone handed me a boiled egg
[12:04] aque: with chili powder on it
[12:04] vid: what in the world…
[12:05] aque: and ther ewas lots of those tiny little boiled eggs too
[12:05] aque: i forgot what birds they’re from
[12:05] aque: but everyone was eating em
[12:05] aque: around the table
[12:05] aque: the ni woke up
[12:05] aque: coz i got tired of the dream


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