ffxiwiki kaboom

So… Taj > Wiki lol… http://www.bluegartrls.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=23599&st=0&sk=t&sd=a

Though I sometimes think that people on BG can be arses, I would say that I’d contribute to more BG wiki. There were and still is a bunch of stuff on ffxiwiki that made me laugh, especially the guides. I think that anyone can write a guide but at least try to make it… plausible in the grand scheme of things -_-.

There’s one thing about BG information: prove that it’s true with multiple testings + backup by some of the best ffxi data and game mechanics nuts around, or it wont be up there.

I have lately only read BG forums anymore, the drama is amusing if nothing else but the threads regarding updates, new info, new findings, there just isnt any other forum out there that provides the same kind of info, and that is BG’s gem.

Well anyways, this whole Taj vs Ganiman thing was entertaining and sheds light to the MANY MULTIPLE going ons behind websites and companies that exists all the time everywhere, but you rarely get to see details like the one Taj shared with us 🙂 That was just pure WIN! lol Taj is the sexy.

p/s: I’m not saying I wont use ffxiwiki anymore, the site has gotten better and better the past year, to a point that I USE the link from ffxiah > wiki on each of their items and more often than not, take their word on face value on info. But if an alternative were to appear in the form of BG Wiki, I’ll be there more XD especially on the end game aspect of things.


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