my tgs, famitsu, SE obsession update

ok, so I’m f5ing everything in the hopes of getting SE info before I HAVE to go to bed -_-;; stuuuupiiid SE, but so far, the following has surfaced on BG:

dancer mookyakyaa????
dancer mukyaaa
heres a link to the article:
will keep editing and posting as I find out more! (read: bug vid to go translate stuff for me muahahakyakya)

Well, from what I can make out in google translator the article basically says:
– Expansion coming out Nov 22nd in Japan, names the different prices
– mentions that a video was presented of the ‘new’ job
– please buy 9/22 issue of famitsu to find out more… BASTIDSSS /strangles famitsu. Wellll I’m gonna scoure the internet until I can find either a user video or someone elses info on it!! grrr

Oh and this surfaced yesterday, first posted by Johnny Ram and then Paipai from FFXIonline posted the scans, click on it for larger version:
famitsu scan

Ah – hah! Maybe SE realized we’re all nagging and finally posted this on their main site:
Wings of the Goddess Release Date Announced! (09/19/2007)

Take a step back in time and uncover the breathtaking mysteries surrounding Vana’diel’s violent past when the long-awaited fourth installment in the ongoing FINAL FANTASY XI saga ships on November 20, 2007!

*Please note that while players may install and register the Wings of the Goddess expansion data in advance, the new content will be inaccessible until official service begins on Thursday, November 22.


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