Separate post for other games

NEW KH TITLES ANNOUNCED BOOYAKA!! too bad the whole damn franchise makes me motion sick but i love the story ; ; and try to get others to play it for me while i just watch the CS XD

Link to source:

but basically: 1 psp, 1 DS and 1 cellphone :/

logos for the new titles:
logos for KH

For trailer summaries:

Afrika?? >.>;;
No clue what this game does or what it’s really about… but it looks damned awesome XD a ps3 offering

XDDDDDDDD No new trailer/gameplay anything yet, but some new screenies popped up:

The Last Remnant
IS COMING TO Ps3 BOOYAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HURRAYYY for developers going multiplatform ^^!!! I was rather sad when I first saw this announced for 360 onry D: gameplay looks pretty damned awesome, I have high expectations of it and by the time this comes out, I’ll probably already own a ps3 ^^ or 360… depending on what’s happening with ff13 ><;; click here for screenies.

ff13 Versus

More screenies!

Star Ocean
on psp :/… wth is with all these PSP titles! /stabs SE in the head

Star Ocean: First Departure

Tactics Franchise
Tactics Advance 2 -I should really finish the first tactics… lol >.>;; I keep hearing it sgreat but I’m a graphics whore D: but this looks amazing ;xxx

White Knight Story
another PS3 title, looks pretty neat >< and gorgeouss, another reason to side with ps3 grrr

FF7: Crisis Core
I want it goddamnit D:


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