off to work again XD

DIdnt have time to post anything last night as I came home, putzed around on KH2 (yes yes i finally got a copy and for once it doesnt make me motion sick AT ALL! Hurray for upgraded camera!) and then sorta just passed out on the floor in front of the tv. huzzah!

But… when I woke up 2 hours ago, here’s what I’ve been wasting my time on (other than cleaning the bath tub which, I had to tear my eyes away from WOG Trailer to do that even D:) but ok ok here we go:

Official update on WOG
BG Forum’s discussions on WOG – I’m having lots of fun reading and Elmer’s much loved translations are all there and I’m too lazy to link to each thread, so just wade through this page.
If you’re having a really hard time loading playonline, too bad, move along. I keed I keed, you can check out the screens here, but I REALLY HIGHLY DO TERRIBLE ADD MORE ADJS HERE suggest that you keep trying to load the HD trailer from POL, its worth it.

As for ff13 and the likes… I’m gonna have to come back later and update D: going shopping with hubby then off to work in my cute cafe!


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