Ya ya ya I know nobody cares about gardening yadda yadda, but I just sat down to organize some stuff for the new bgwiki gardening section, if nobody adds anything in the Tradeskills section I’m going to go ahead and add stuff in. In the process of organizing my databse of gardening stuff, I started to read my old gardening guide that I wrote for ITS SO OUTDATED! I’ve learned buncha new stuff, Those things I wrote are still pretty true but theres a few I’d like to add, like I didnt even bother to update it for wildgrass seeds -_- etc. Learned buncha new stuff in the past 2 years since I wrote that 🙂

I stopped keeping track of my plants a WHILE ago but I still garden religiously, mostly because I have all the recipes for items I need pretty much off the top of my head now, and I rarely experiment anymore. I just go straight to what I want to grow. And since Choco Raising was released… All I’ve been growing are choco items lol hey dont knock it! For a busy bee like me, making several mil just afking my mule for days isnt such a bad thing!

anyways! If you guys havent yet, mainly vid… coz I think you’re the only one that reads this anyways 😡 so yes I”M UPDATING SO YOU WONT NAG ME! check out bgwiki!:


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