Time Management

so, lately I’ve had barely any time to play other games. Or do anything for myself at all lately. And since I pay about 50 bucks a month or so for FFXI I told myself, I HAVE TO USE IT, no more wasting moneyage.

This was actually not that bad of a deal, since I suddenly found myself freshly addicted. I believe it was my stint on several other games with Vid and Scin that made me miss FFXI. It actually really honestly sucks that FFXI is about the only MMO I can play without getting terribly ill and pass outy… and this isnt to say FFXI doesnt make me motion sick… it does but much less deadly. As vid says “get your daily practice in!” and it’ll make it less horrible the next time I logon.

So what have the little aquelia been doing in Vanadiel?

I have formed a trio spt with Varg and Fuuji, coz I like to enslave them. We are currently getting a second set of jobs to 70s, this time hopefully to 75, since the first one (me rdm, varg pld, fuu mnk) only stopped at 72, due to varg getting lazy at playing PLD at meripo style camps. The current spt meets twice a week, for 4 hours on Friday nights after I get home from 12hours of work, woo go me (Fuu’s schedule is similar too ><;; and we both work on saturday mornings so who knows how we manage this….) And then on Mondays (which is like a weekend for me since I work most Saturdays again now) for around 9 hours πŸ˜› yeah with an hours break for dinner etc. Right now we've just hit level 60 (3k tnl to 61) as of yesterday, gonna campaign until 61 before we meet on Friday. Plan to hit 75 by end of the month. I'm on SAM, varg BST (man he's a litto taru powerhouse DD -_- wtf) and fuu on RDM.

NM and loot whoreyness
So… after years of slacking, for some reason I recently felt motivated to organize RAIDS… yes scin and vid i get to RAID TOO (can you tell I’m motivated coz those two are always telling me: shoo shoo we’re busy raiding) well boo hoo! i’m raiding now too! /sulks in her non able to play wow without vomiting corner. It allllll started with this stupid utaru i think he said he wanted to camp some shit… like joyeous… or something I forgot. But what started as a single run to help Nainward get voyagers sallet, which i was like “if we get two can i habs it?” since I’ve been to so many runs and figured I should get one since varg was nagging me about how my DD gear sucks coz i’m lazy at farming pop nms etc etc etc the list of reasons continue. So we go up to riverne, both me and nain get a sallet. and then I realized that everyone else needed one too -_- so I made it a point to drag people for a 2 weeks or so until everyone in AP now has a sallet lol….. at the same time we did swift belt which everyone in AP also now has one. And then someone realized hey AP isnt so slackerific so they wanted soboro (mainly nain and nuyu), and so now we’ve gotten pretty much every one except for Ascule and Fuuji a soboro toy to play with. I am thinking of joyeous and rostrum pumps next for things to kill that people wants, since Dex and I need rostrums and prolly other people will come dancing out of the backdrop to want one too and then nain dex nuyu me and pretty much everyone else also needs a joytoy. So yay.. lots of fun, and we try to get this done every week for about 3-4 hours on sunday afternoons and 2hrs or so on the saturdays i didnt used to work but those days are long gone.

Scheduled events
I’ve lately (again read: jealous of scin and vid raiding so i wanna raid too) become more interested in certain contents, like salvage which I felt was a waste of time when it first came out. But is actually a LOT of fun and very challenging in a way and can be done in a small 6 man party, in fact… after cheating the system, we beat 2 bosses last Sunday with just 5 people :O and got vargy the last piece he needed for usukane feet, and my first piece towards marduk pants. Salvage lasts all of 100 minutes, fast paced and very fun. I can logon, go to salvage and log right off again if I wanted to πŸ™‚

Next thing is assault, theres two parts to this, I’ve been trying to help ascule’s team gain rank while also farming points, and this happens on tuesday nights after salvage. But on Sundays, we go to Nyzul isle wee!! My disc is now recorded and ready for farming floor 100 of nyzul yay us :)! We’ve gotten 1 piece so far, denali hands or something? I forgot the one that’s great for blms. grats nain! We havent actually systematically farmed the bosses due to wanting to record disc 100 on mine, next we’re doing vargy’s disc to 100, then we’ll start farming tokens so we can farm loot, wooo. I want askars set since its sexy πŸ™‚

Utaru and hismeripo whip
So… Utaru has lately been dragging me to meripo, so i’ve actually gained ground on this much slakerific section of my ffxi life! I am now finally 4/5 on str. We go on wednesdays for a few hours before I have to go in to work. and since we ‘rock’ we gain about 15-20k per hour exp so it doesnt really take us long to gain points. I’m almost done with whm, completely done with brd at least for things I think is important, and completely done with HP! wuuu Next step will be finish up STR, then start on maybe weapon skills etc. Mostly next step is to decide what I wanna work on or if i wanna save points for samurai abilities.

I love this job….. I dont think I woulda loved it back in the day but now… its like the funnest DD job i’ve putzed around with. I dont get bored exping and I dont get frustrated either πŸ™‚ which is pretty rare coz if I play the game too much I get really cranky and bitchy and need BREAK RONG TIME! like 3 months….

Generally speaking….
I’m actually enjoying FFXI again. I dont have a lot of time to play, so having something to play that I’m already paying for, is very familiar with and still have fun doing is just great πŸ™‚ its a really nice relaxing get-away. Most of my free time is spent watching angel and buffy πŸ˜› but with the advent of campaign exping and meriting… I can sit around whacking a wall while watching buffy and angel!! omg its like yum yums all at once! I think the fact that I have set play schedule is helping me not get addicted and ‘weird’ about the whole game thing, I just have fun with it and then I log off. the end πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Time Management

  1. Wow, long post. Glad to see you’re having fun in FFXI again aque, I know I am. Now I just need to get into some more of the stuff everyone’s doing. Too bad my school schedule doesn’t match anyone else’s ; ; Anyway, glad to see you back and glad to be back as well. ^^


  2. HAHAHA you betcha /snickers XDDDDDDDD though we did add to 2 elvs… and a mithra -_-;;; and ascy is a new hume female ; ;… man…I’ve been trying to enslave this galka but he’s resistant and runs everytime he seens me in the same zone /cryyyyyy

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