is such a cool word. me likey and I prolly spelled it wrong but screw j00!

So… I’ve been super sick since my last update _-_ and that happens to me rarely, so I let myself sleep for an entire weekend and it still didnt go away, then I survived an entire week and this past weekend it hit again with a fever this time so voila back to bed I went. Buy today I seem to be functional :O! let’s see how long it lasts.

I’m still interested >.> it’s been over a month, yay me! SPT has now reached level 68, we’re hoping for 69 by Friday and prolly 72 or so by Monday. We’re like over a week behind schedule to my being sick and ending SPTs early the past two weeks or so.

We’re finally COMPLETELY done with soboro runs, everybody in AP who showed up for the runs has one now, even Cronus, Fuu’s brother who isnt in AP has one! wooo.

AP also has some new slackers, Dakana and Ferien was pearled recently. They just drop in and sling insults then leave again, good times!

On our recently Nyzul runs, we had 2/3 boss drops, YAY! Finally XD Farming has value! woo. So far we’ve only gotten Denali feet and pants for vargy, goliard hands for nain, askar head for fer and askar pants for me. We’ll need to farm more for what everyone else wants as well. Currently planning on taking up Varg’s tag to floor 100 while farming tokens on my disc. (and yes vargy made me correct the drops blabla etc)

Salvage runs are going as normal. I have completed Marduk Pants! It’s so cute. Photos will come soon as soon as I remember how to do em again >>>;; its… been a while! D:

We are gearing up to do other events, but I gave everyone a break mainly coz me and vargy are gonna be gone this weekend. But when we get back I need to figure out what else we can work on that will kill multiple people in one stone. Or birds… however the saying goes.

Ok end of update post XD I might post a rant maybe not, lesse how lazy I am not.


One thought on “smorgasbord

  1. But birds are people too! At least the nice ones… that help in fighting in ToAU… otherwise they should be beat up too! But then if we’re killing people anyway… >.>

    Put more comments in your gallery 😀 That’s sooooo cute… innocent young Aqqy!

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