happy ap fun time

So, I have to work today and Laura is coming later as well. Wont be around much this weekend. Wanted to post a quick run down of last night’s party and the party we had last Monday.

lolSamuraiTanking? BST Tanking?! :O
Last Monday, we had a NIN tank I worked with pretty well to hold hate. Yes there were times when my SAM did steal hate but I pretty much waited for when he had TP so he can close chain with me, or we can kill the mob in one fell swoop. I also tried to chain with the other SAM in the party and we’d all 3 ping pong hate back and forth so no one person was sucking up too much MP. I didnt even bother using Seigan that party, had Hasso up the entire time.

Later in the evening, we couldn’t find a tank so we decided to go with a 3 SAM, 1 RDM, 1 BRD, 1 BST setup. Keep in mind that I did have a level 75 WHM casting haste on the party, tossing cures where needed but mostly there just for the Raise III occasion which happened once earlier that day and once for Vargy which was a fluke accident.

Hate was easily kept by me using voke, had seigan and third eye up. The other sams also easily stole hate when they ws’d and we’d just ping pong it. MP was a big issue in all this, as at first I was sponging off way too much of Fuu’s mp. I think we all got the hang of it though and was doing much better a few mobs into the fight.

Vargy was tanking the next chain mobs whenever Dakana pulled it into camp, by voking than using snarl. Did I mention I loveeeeeee snarl yet? XD

We exp’d on erucas and jagils in zhayolm so it was pretty much a meripo style party, we just tore through the mobs as fast as we could and there were tons there to pull from. Overall it worked pretty well but I’d like to put to rest the idea of SAM’s tanking -_-. No we’re not built for tanking. I now sincerely believe that seigan is purely for survivability’s sake. It really has saved my butt more than once to put on a haste seigan plus third eye, when I’m being wailed on whether or not I chose to steal hate.

However, that being said…. I must say that with a bit more tweaking, SAM’s could actually really be able to tank. They already have a huge hate tool in terms of damage. I do however think that if you gave a pure DD the ability to tank as well… that might be a bit game breaking hmm Iono >.>;;

Last night’s party we invited Ascule and Nain to come along, fun fun fun ness XD I love seeing those darkness skillchains mirrored for full damage AMIGAWRD and yes Nain drooled as well lol. I believe this was Ascy’s first high level AP party on Dancer (correct me if I’m wrong) and I’m happy to say it seemed like a good experience for her. Vargy was whipping her pulling habits into shape, which I think the best way to control ur party’s speed of party is to pull yourself, if you make a random party, so perhaps this will help her with future random partiness. For sure she’ll make a pretty damn good puller bard XD

In that party, I had to try really hard not to steal hate. All I had to do was engage and the mob turned -_- … It was a paladin tank /cries. I believe however that this is his first job to 75 so I was prepared to give allowances but at maat fight level (69) if you dont know how to hold hate on your paladin and is loosing hate to a dancer (go ascy go go!) maybe something aught to be done about that, Iono :x. In this instance, this was the first time I had to really mitigate my hate so as not to cause problems with mp etc for the rest of the party. After a while me and Nain found it easier to just save tp, then have me open > his ws and chained darkness on to the pld.

I might get addicted to have a dnc and a thf along for the ride :PPP and a bard ;; but than that’d make 6 of us already and I cant tank -_-;;; or I dont really want to try that hard at exping har har

Anywayssssss gotta run to work now shiat


One thought on “happy ap fun time

  1. Yup! It was my first high level AP party on DNC! Not counting the few parties in the 50s with Zurar & Ghiren… but those were regular pull & heal parties, not chain-pulling ones.

    On the other hand, I’m getting quite addicted to pulling now… even to the point where I’m pulling campaign mobs before the one everyone and their cousin is pounding on so that it arrives in time for everyone to beat on… that, or i’m accidentally pulling the NM so that everyone can die! xD

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