ffxi june 2008 update

As usual I update my ‘blog’ like once every few months, mostly when I see comments like “why aren’t you posting aqqy!” (like on Ascy’s page). So here is my ‘update’.

General Computer Crappiness
My HD… Blew up. yesterday. yep -_- yay me. So I’m trying to buy a new one plus make do with this old one that we just replugged in and thank all heavens i never bothered to reformat this so it has everything that I had it on it before I completely switched over to the new HD, which means game and everything (PHIEW!) It took me around 2hours to update the game last night and I was back in business. Being back on this HD though did make me feel like my pc is truly feeling it’s age :/ it’s just not performing as well, and each little upgrade feels like a giant leap. But we wont be able to afford to make me this new pc we’re planning on until after the trip to Malaysia next year. Yes, I’m going back to the motherland! Tracy and Kadie are coming with me ^^ and if I have to stuff Isaac in a bag to make him go, then so be it.

General FFXI and super aque fun time Activities
I’ve been keep up pretty well with FFXI fun-times lately, despite starting two new off-shoots of my current business and working at the teashop. Reason being that, FFXI is the ‘dont spend money and save on gas’ method of ‘down time’ lol but it still feels like work sometimes so on top of that, I also watch dramas and what not still. As far as dramas… if you’d like recommendations:
Jdrama: Zettai Kareshi, so funny lol go watch XD. Tdrama: watching Fated to Love You because I like the actress and the main guy but as usual… a lot of these dramas coming out of taiwan is barely tolerable -_-… seriously stop using ‘kawaii’ gimmick and sound effect to create a story already, and the plot line is laffable to say the least. But the seed of the story idea is very cute and engaging so it’s keeping me watching.

As far as FFXI activities, the usual Assault, Nyzuls, Salvage runs are still going on. We decided to scrap Sky since I got lazy and Nain got hacked 😕 more about that below. The SPT was on hiatus for 2 weeks, we now have 2 versions of the spt thought, Friday and Monday. We just this week started to get back on track with exping, and even more on that below. What I’d like to highlight as a new an fun exciting activity as of the June Version Update is… Zeni NM! so since I’m super excited to talk about that, I’ll start there XD

Zeni NM – The new time sink
Sometime last year, SE released a pokemon system into FFXI and called it pankration. It was the most popular activity for all of a month.. until people decided that there really isnt any reason to be doing this after all, after the novelty wears off. Or so you thought… coz that’s exactly what I thought and I had some damn cool strong pets that I completely threw out and didnt bother with the system at all… until this month -_-

SE Went and added in a LOT.. like a LOT of new NMs, which can only be popped if you participate in the FFXImon system. A quick run down of what Zeni Nms are about:

In order to participate you need nothing more than to speak to two NPCs, first Sanraku who will go on and on and then you ‘accept’ the quest. Next speak to Ryo and she will tell you all about his prerences and what not. Basically their charge to you is to take pictures of ‘suggested’ FFXI mobs. You can currently only turn in 10 of these pictures ‘per GAME DAY’ which is an important note because that seems like a small number, until you realize that any given day game day you can make over 800 zeni. And you can take as many pictures as you want really on one of these ‘picture farming runs’ (basically find the highest level of the recommended mob that Ryu tells you, get it down to around 1-2% health, keep it slept, and spam the camera away (I do recommend bringing both the soultrapper and soultrapper 2000 with 5 stacks of plates, this way you can take as much as you can before inventory runs dry).

The recommended mob that Ryu names changes at any given time and is not dependant on day changes. Basically once Sanraku has enough of a certain subject, it changes no matter when it is. So if you just happened to hit a snag and has too many of the previous day plates, you can still trade em in for anywhere from 1/3-1/2 of the original points reward (the reward is called Zeni – hence naming this system the Zeni NMs)

Some tips on taking pictures and zeni farming habits:
– do take mob HP down to 1-2%
– stand directly in front of the mob, as close to it as possible, the game is capable of calculating the ‘clarity and quality’ of your shots depending on these elements and Sanraku will award you less points if you dont meet these requirements.
– DO NOT bother taking pictures of another party/ally’s picture mob. If you want to try and ask if you can join their party and help them out, but you get less points for ‘stealing’ photos. As long as you’re in the party or allied and the mob belongs to you, you’re set for almost max points
– always go for the highest level you can easily reach and control. Don’t bother though if it’s super hard, at most you loose out on maybe 10-15 points from what I’ve seen. Sometimes there’s not diffference at all between the VT mobs and the DC, up to your discretion and ability.
– if you jump in on any day and is not sure if it’ll change over next, I recommend taking enough for 2 days (20 pictures), then going back out again if you have time.
– I usually have an hour here and there to play so I go out, take as much photos as I can hold, and do the same on my supermules, then while I’m afk in game doing work IRL and what not, I just trade in the plates on a new game day. It doesnt matter if the subject moves to a new one, if it’s something that’s just been used, more often than not you can still get 25-45 zenis for each plate.
– it doesnt matter if you plan on doing zeni or not… start farming it anyways 🙂 I’m quite sure that this will be a very popular activity and very easy to get in to without much stress so everyone will be doing this at some point. Theres are nms that can be soloed, duoed, 6 manned, 12 manned etc. No need for an entire alliance.

Wait what, taking what pictures with what? :O
All of the above is assuming that you already know what Pankration is, if you dont… just google it I’m sure there’s a tone of guides. But here’s a few quick tip on earning Jettons (the currency reward system for pankration which you’ll need to buy new cameras and plates)
– grab a pet, strong, weak, doesnt matter. just take a picture and make a new pet.
– Once you have your official reflector, enter it to the “Diablo” cage, over and over again
– so far max wait time i’ve seen is around 20mins these days, but normally it ranges from 3-10 mins. Another great ‘afk’ style activity, submit your pet for Diablo cage (this is the champion arena) and ‘loose’ yes… LOOSE. Loosing nets you 100 experience and 100 jettons each fight, as the champion is guaranteed to be level 50, so loosing to a level 50 nets you just super easy exp and jettons. After 5 fights, you’ll have enough for your soultrapper 2000!
– My habit is to turn in first set of pictures, go afk in colleseum while spamming diablo, level up my pet (from like 3hrs worth of afking diablo, I was able to go from level 17-29), when next day arrives, go turn in more pictures. This way you’re accumulating both zeni and jettons at the same time.

The unholy Alliance of Zeni Fun Times
Fuu and I discussed the possibility of combining both our Nyzul static, and making a captain ffxi type fusion to take on the ZNMs last week, as of last night, we had our first run. Who came from our side: Me (Also sporting a Debris Supermule), Varg, Dakana, Godian (Nain had work so he couldnt make it, and Fer already had other ffxi things ; ; trying to find a time that they can both come too). From Fuu’s static: Fuuji, Dexinie (Sporting an Ohmer Supermule for the final fight), Vanh, Nuyu, Cronus, Wutangwarrior. So out humble little group set out and it was funny lol….

The first NM we did was the Cheesehoarder Qiqiroon… and Vanh died a lot. nuff said! We then finished 3 more cheeserat pops and it went super smooth, cept for the final rat who decided we’re too cool for school and wont hang out with us and everytime he saw us he ran away which delayed things but it was super funny anyways, we kept making Wuuwuu hide in a corner in case he was so larger than life that he was scaring the poor rat away… and he took the suggestion seriously and ‘hid’ hahahahahha but the rat saw our platoon of black mages and ran for his life anyways!

Then we decided that maybe we could trick him and made Cronus stand behind him so that when he turned to run away he’d see our cool pld and run back the other way, towards us… and it worked lol…. He did run right smack into our blackmages and died in moments. Oh and Vanh’s deaths that night was only just beginning… /chuckles… I swear that taru has a deathwish.

Lootwise, The first cheeserat dropped a pants and a really really nice BLU sword that went to Cronus, gosh anikiiiiiiiiiiii you lootwhore! 😛 Congratulations!! And then the next 2 dropped no gears? I think I forgot, and then the final one dropped another pants and nobody wanted it so I lootwhored it myself. BUt then decided to drop party coz I always forget when I lot things (ask vargy about cells in salvage go meee) to get a d2. But they invited me in time to relot the pants so voila… Armadillo pancu!! Time to go solo imps on my sam… right 😛

Next, we took on Iriz Ima – also another 4 pops of this. Iriz dropped a pretty nice feet for rdms and schs (not so much for the other jobs that can use it) forgot the name, and it went to dakana I believe? correct me if I’m wrong pris. From the Iriz Ima sets we then bought 2 Dea’s (will be killed next week) 1 Zotoh and 1 Armed Gear (slotted for next week).

Next we went to kill 2 Zotoh (Mamool NM) one of which was Vargy’s pop set, the other from the group farming. This NM WAS SUPER FUN! There was turns dying all around, I think Vanh migth have survived the final battle. Each Zotoh took us around 40 mins to complete, which for a 3+ hour run last night, was pretty much the majority of our time. The other NMs were quick and having really low repop time really rocks! (cept Nu complains coz he cant afk as much now hahahah /sticks tongue out at nunu)

The fights go along the line of: pop it and it starts to ga III right away, so stunners beware! Our first run, the BLMs werent aware of this and did not stun it so ppls were hurtied right off the bat. 2nd run, Fuu was on the ball! and stunned it right away. Then he will continue to spam all type so BLM stuff and Manafont, and though this is annoying, I’d say this form is the easiest to handle. Then he will Benediction and go to full health again. When his staff is broken or when he does staff toss, he will change to WHM mode which took longer to take down, due to self curing and what not.

The battle is very straight forward, we had two pld/nin tanks (Cronus and Wuu wuu <33 superplds!), Dexie on RNG, Nu on THF, Godian on DRK for DD. Fuu and Vanh were BLMs, Deb on rdm, Ohmer Brd (for 2nd fight) Vargy brd (gjallabardis<33333333333333), me brd (in DD party with vanh to ballad so I didnt realy do much on main but being on deb at the same time on rdm kept me super busy), Dak on WHM. We pretty much just kept at it straight tanking like a normal endurance fight, but for the 2nd run, he killed both our PLDs while still in BLM form so the rest of us kited him around for 5 mins while plds regroup, so easy to kite, so there wasnt a problem at all here, then when PLDs were up, gave them a few flashes and hatery and we were back in business.

The first Zotoh Dropped the Enkidu mittens which I'm eyeing. Nuyu Varg and I lotted for the item and Vargy won lot, which means he's one stop closer to finishing up Enkidu! YOSH!! Hydra soon vargy pancu <33 Congratulations!! Fuuji then lootwhored all the light and water grips lololol hax0r. I must say the light grip rocks :O I got one on the very first few days of version update, went with a group with Vargy to do znms and lucked out on the lot.

So everyone who’s participating in this is very very good about not being lootwhores, I mean we’re mostly ap after all and I’m sure I’ll whip Wuu into joining us one of these days /meow! We are still discussing the loot division as when we get to the higher tiers the time it takes participation, zeni points used etc will probably be counted in. Will post later on when I know the final details of the decisions. But since we’re a set, I highly doubt that any of us are gonna walk away with nothing, we’ll probably get all of what we want, cept for maybe the pandemonium warden items lol we’ll see if we can take him on when we get there ^^ HACHIRYU FOR ME!!

What do I want from Zeni?
Vargy wants us to make a list of things we’d like to target, so I’m using this post as a chance to finish this up – keep in mind vargy always tells me when I want stupid shit that doesnt realy do much for me or that my gear is already better, lol so I’m sure he’ll clean this list up for me soon XD (and not two minutes into posting this he already removed some stuff off my list lol):

Name of Item – NM (Tier)

The “would like if nobody else wants or if we have extras list”:

    Blood Ring – Chigre (I)
    Numerist Pumps – Lil’ Apkallu (I)
    Avocat Pigaches – Iriz Ima (II)
    Magic Strap – Reacton (II) – vargy scrapped this coz we’d never get to it XD
    Tomoe – Armed Gears (III)
    Aurum Sabatons – Armed Gears (III) / Achamoth (III)
    Oracle’s Gloves – Armed Gears (III) / Khromasoul Bhurborlor (III)
    Oracle’s Pigaches – Dea (III)
    Aurum Cuisses – Gotoh Zha the Redolent (III) / Experimental Lamia (III)
    Organics – Achamoth (III)
    Oninohocho – Nuhn (III)

The “What I really Want” list”:

    Enkidu’s Subligar – Dea (III) / Khromasoul Bhurborlor (III) (WANTS BADLY!!! This will be a GIANT upgrade for my Sam from Shinimusha pants for my 6 hit setup)
    Enkidu Mittens – Gotoh Zha the Redolent (III) / Nuhn (III)
    Hachiryu Haidate – Sarameya (IV) (WANTS BADLY!!! This will be another giant upgrade from Ryl. Kgt. Breeches which is my current WS Macro piece for the STR :x)
    Hachiryu Kote – Tyger (IV)
    Hachiryu Sune-Ate – Tinnin (IV)
    Hachiryu Haramaki – Pandemonium Warden? (WANTS BADLY!!!)

Wow.. this post got really long really fast >.>;; I’ll be adding additional entries regarding other activities in another post lol


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  1. Picture’s not showing!

    Also, I skipped 80% of that post cause I didn’t understand what was going on, but you sounded like you had fun so that’s all I needed to know!

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