cont.: SPT progress

I’m currently rolling with 2 different versions of our ‘regular’ SPT. The one with Varg and Fuuji continues every Monday with me as THF, fuu as PLD and Varg as RDM. We did pretty good the last Monday, it was nice to be ‘grinding’. I’m sure a lot of people hate ‘grinding’ exp but to me, the party expect of the game and playing all the different jobs is one of the big reasons why this game has kept my interest above all others (we’re not talking about the hole in my pocket vid, no no! /distracts with pretty lolisette videos).

Fuu, Varg and I decided that we’d go after Maat’s cap together 🙂 I’m at 6/15 (RDM73, NIN71, WHM75, BRD75, SAM75, PLD75), Fuu is 6/15(RDM75, MNK74, NIN75, WAR75, BLM75, forgot what last job is) and varg is 7/15 (SMN75, WHM75, BRD75, NIN75, WAR75, BST75, forgot last one too! he also has buncha other jobs at 75 but they’re like COR BLU PUP which doesnt count -_-) Thats what I remember anyways, correct me if I’m wrong.

Right now our current Monday SPT consists of me, Fuuji and Varg. There has been a galka (Spruck) and mithra (Shiiga) who joins us regularly but I’m not sure if they can be considered a part of the ‘core’ group, but one less random person to invite to the party the better I guess.

So, our Monday SPT as usual goes from 11am EST and currently ends at 7 or 8pm EST, or whenever Vargy gets sick of partying… and you will know why in 2 seconds lol. Due to ZNM on Mondays, we’re making it a point to take a few hours break before 10pm EST when we start gathering for another few hours of LS events (update on ZNM hunting status to be made at some point in the not so near future due to extreme laziness).

Our current setup is:
THF – Me
PLD – Fuuji (he’s a yummy pld /blush)
RDM – Varg (now do you know why he’s not particularly gung ho about exping? lolrefreshhastecycle? D:)
NIN – Spruck
DRK – Shiiga whenever she comes
RANDOM ANYTHING -Whoever we find

As of last Monday we’re at level 55. We expect to see level 60 next Monday due to being in the Colibri levels. We will be taking this setup to level 66 and then stopping there temporarily. Right now, just to mix things up a little, we’re just gonna take all kinds of jobs to level 66 and stop there, then continue on to 75 with different mix ups and give each other more variety to play around with. But ultimately, the jobs that can handle maat at 66, we’ll probably be trying that out on him at some point.

I have lately had the inkling to try Maat for the jobs I already have at 70+, so we might see a flurry of skillup and testimony farming sessions. We’ll see how lazy I am 😛

The next set of jobs for Monday SPT will be me on SMN (which is currently 46), Varg on a DD job I think he hasnt decided which yet and Fuu also on DD job unless he decides to be a good litto slavey and go brd 😛

For Friday nights, we usually just meet from 10pm EST until whenever I need to pass out D: which is normally around 1 or 2am, if I have to work. The members are: Me, Fuuji (who slacks off and rarely shows up bastid), Varg, Nainward, Ascule and Zurar. Since Nain was hacked… (yes I promised to talk about this but I’ll do it laterz also) our SPT has sorta been nonexistant, but we’re trying to regroup again! Starting next week I’ll confirm with everyone so that we arent left guessing whether or not we’re meeting at all.

The last two weeks, we’ve just been meriting if someone doesnt show up or like last night, we decided to exp other jobs. So we went with my SCH15, Varg DRG17, Nain PLD17, Ferien SLACKERBRD16?, Ascy SAM17 and then after 2hrs of exping, Godian finally got his THF18 butt out to Qufim to join us for the last hour and a half or so lol. When we first started out, I was too lazy and laggy (was streaming our random game nonsense on Ustream and makinge people /dance for Debris) so I didnt bother bringing DebPL 😛 but after my first (of many.. MANY MANY deaths that night) I decided to bring Deb over to Qufim and just had my taru /follow while I was on deb most of the time doing the healing and letting Fer die, yay. We died a lot lololol all of which was funny, including mine even tho I was screaming on vent about it >.>;; swear to god those deaths were pointless and WHY UWE YO UWE!

My Sch finally hit 18 while everyone else was at 20-21 I think. Then we had to call it quits due to us EST people being extremely sleepy. I think Fer was sugar high since for some reason he had coldstone icecream that had so much junk in that it sounded so nasty /shudder at like 1am in the morning… wth gross!

We were on vent for the last hour or so of the SPT and that was pretty funny, or maybe I was just tired so everything seemed funny >.>;; Although hearing Varg talk about how fer should go hit on a hot model woman was extremely amusing. lol men! -_- .>;;

SO YAY To bringing Friday SPT back from the abyss. Next subject… more AP randomness.


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