ZNM update

Last Monday was the 3rd time our group met. Due to learning that our litto group was having difficulties handling Tier IVs, we’ve decided to invite several new members. Welcome to the AP random factor:

Frodorn the smelly elvaan
Jarro the dorko
Nuiness the slacker

Special thanks goes out to Nainward our lead slavey wavey that had the bad luck to log in right as we were gonna go Hydra at which point me and Vargy tugged on his chains /nods. We ruv u rong rong time!

So yes, we successfully slayed our first Tinnin (well 2nd pop since we wiped the first time week before). First time we tried we sorta just randomly went with whatever we had from the previous NM, we didnt even really consider changing or strategizing more.

This time, when we finally got around to killing Tinnin (boo to Wuuwuu the slowga!) it took us almost 45 mins to prep >.>;; mostly coz people are slacky and slowga! grr the fight itself didnt take longer than 30mins at most? Maybe I’m dreaming. BUt we went with the following setup:

2 PLD/nins (Frodorn and Cronus)
2 SAM/nins (Zurar and Wutangwarrior)
5 BLMs (Fuuji, Dexinie, Vanh, Jarro, Nainward)
2 BRDs (Varg and Godian)
1 WHM – Me
1 SCH – Dakana
2 RDMs – Nuiness and Debris (me)
1 THF – Nuyu

With this setup, it felt like Tinnin is very manageable and everything went smoothly. Fuuji died. Yay. But somehow I died too and I still cant figure out how! No enkidu harness drop for Vargy ; ; but we did get a few nice gil drops that was freelotted and I was happy to see the 400k item went to Zurar who is a poor bitch ho and needs to go farm u lazy bumbum.

Right now we’re waiting on Ascule to finish up her current schedule so she can start coming regularly on MOndays, but last week she was able to make it to the last 2 hours and seemed like she had fun ^^ She even logged in right in time to lot the Beast Slayer that nobody wanted lol but a really good sword for BLU anyways and she’s the only one that has BLU leveled.

We also killed 1 armored gear, 1 wulgaru (yay my pop item gone!) and I think 2 cheesehoarder? I’m supposed to pick up some kind of pop items for next week but I completely forgot already /scratch head so… I’m sure Vargy will read this and hurry to aim me the list so I dont go buy some more silly wrong pop items coz I rock.

A little bit about the Armored Gears run… when we first got there, before we decided to kill Wulgaru, there was a taru rdm soloing the damn thing. good gawd…. poor thing! I think his name was Coox? or something like that. But anyways, we decided meh lets go to Wulgaru and come back, and Nui stayed behind to watch the taru. Right as we finish WUlgaru and got to the Armored Gears pop, the poor taru RDm died 😦 and then I think Nuinui was trying to help him so he died too! D: araa…. but since our tanks were they, we claimed the mob, invited the taru and since we were disorganized and most ppl were slacking and DEX FELL ASLEEP! _-_, it took us quite a while to take down the final slip of HP bar it had left (wooo go random taru RDM that soloed so well!). But we overcame the AG amidst much laughter and MPKing of each other, and what drops…. 2 Aurums! wuuuuuuu lol… Congratulations to Frodorn and Fuuji(I think? forgot already either that Godian >.>;;) who won the lots to these. The taru RDM took the pop item but gave the two aurums to us as ‘presents’ he called it. Awwwww so cute!! Too bad he ran off to quick and I couldnt bug him anymore.

After we rested and went to WC and shit 😛 we popped our own AG and this one dropped us 1 Aurum. Vanh won the lot for this much to the chagrin of the towering Wuuwuu BAHAHAHAH so funny. Congratulations Vanh! I think that was the most notable drop of the night, the aurum pieces. It felt nice to tick so many aurum off the wish list in one night tho!

We will continue farming Tinnin for a while but also work towards popping Tyger and Sarameya. There are items from all 3 in the Wish Lists from the group that Vargy is keeping track of. I love our little group and its fun and exciting and nobody is being lootwhorey extreme lol. I look forward to this event every week ^^ and death and mayhem be had by all!


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