weekly schedule

So… I have a pretty nice routine going, as boring as that sounds lol. But I like scheduling things in so that I can do as many things as I want in a day ^^ Below is my gaming schedule, though I dont keep it 100%, it gives a general idea. Mostly doing this for Ascy since I said I’d lay it out lol.

Sunday – 1-2pm Einherjar, 4-6pm Salvage, 8-9pm Ashu Talif, 10.30-12am Nyzul
Monday – 11am-7pm SPT, 10pm-1am ZNM
Tuesday – 10pm-12pm Salvage
Wednesday – 9pm-10pm Einherjar
Thursday – 10pm-12pm Salvage
Friday – 10pm-1am SPT
Saturday – 5pm-7pm Salvage

Things that I’m considering adding to the list:
Saturday – 1am >.>;; Limbus (we’ll see about this one… lol >.>)


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