monday night znm run #5 – july21

The following are pop items/seals we have before the run started:

Member Name – Item/Seal Name – Pops

Path: Tyger (2/3 on Varg, 1/3 on Fuuji)
Cronus – Exorcism Treatise – Mahjlaef the Paintorn POPPED – Drops: Mahjleaf’s Staff – on Varg. Fire Grip – Nuyu (freelot), Thunder Grip – Dexinie (freelot), Oracle’s Braconi – Dakana (autosorted to him LMAOL!!!!!!!!)
Fuuji – Sienna Colored Seal – Nuhn
Varg – Sienna Colored Seal – Nuhn
Debris – Myrrh – Experimental Lamia

Path: Sarameya
Frodorn – Raw Buffalo – Anantaboga – POPPED – Drops: Anantaboga’s Heart – on Vanh (Get Achamoth). Trilling Dagger – Cronus (freelot)

Path:Tinnin(3/3 on Varg)
Cronus – Sheep Botfly – Gotoh Zha the Redolent POPPED – Drops: Gotoh Zha’s Necklace – on Varg, Naglering – Frodorn (freelot), Light Grip – Nuyu (freelot).
Debris – Senorita Pamama – Iriz Ima – POPPED – Drops: Iriz Ima’s Hide – on Dakana (please pick up armed gears or dea or gotoh when price is not inflated)

First part – Killing Iriz Ima
Cronus – PLD
Frodorn – PLD
Varg – BRD
Aquelia – WHM (+Debris – RDM)
Fuuji – BLM
Nainward – BLM
Dakana – SCH (slowpoke came at the end of it!)

2nd part – Killing Gotoh Zha
all the above +
Nuyu – THF
Godian – BRD
Wutangwarrior – SAM
Dexinie – RNG

3rd part – Killing Majahleef
all the above +
Vanh – BLM

4th part – Killing Anantaboga
all of the above –


2 thoughts on “monday night znm run #5 – july21

  1. I’ll update the list soonish D: lazy right now. But here are new pop Items I just picked up, HURRAY FOR 1k pop items!

    On Aquelia:
    Cheese Hoarder x1
    Chigre x1

    Will have on Debris by Monday:
    Cheese Hoarder x1
    Chigre x1

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