home work znm run #5.5 – fri. 07/25

tier I farming run:
Cheese Hoarder Qiqiroon x 3 (Ascule, Aquelia, Fuuji – Dropped Beast Slayer – Fuuji [freelot])
Chigre x 3 (Ascule, Aquelia – Blood Ring – Dexinie [freelot], Insect Ring – Cronus [freelot], Fuuji – lost due to wipe coz i rox!)

Tier II Items and addition tier I items for Sunday Run:
Fuuji – Iriz Ima (From his Cheese Hoarder)
Debris – Iriz Ima (From Ascy’s Cheese Hoarder) & Verdelet – (from ascy’s chigre), Cheese Hoarder, Chigre
Aquelia – Iriz Ima (From Aqqy’s Cheese Hoarder) & Verdelet – (from aqqy’s chigre), Cheese Hoarder, Chigre

Group Plan/Item Farming Path:
Unless otherwise stated, we will always be doing the following NMs to get to tier IIIs. Please feel free to pick up the tier Is when they are at 1000 zeni price (lowest possible price for tier I). We’ll always have a need for them.

Tinnin Path
Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon x3> Iriz Ima x3> 1 each of Tier 3

Tyger Path
Chigre x3> Verdelet (if BLM heavy when run starts) or Wulgaru (If Meelee heaby when run starts) x3 > 1 each of Tier 3

Sarameya Path
Ob x3 > Anantaboga x3 > 1 each of Tier 3

Run attended by:
Aquelia + Debris

Follow up on pop item list from previous runs:
Varg – Monkey Wine – Tinnin Pop Item

Next Run:
This Sunday 07/27 after Einherjar run – 2pm EST. Gathering in Whitegate, first target will be Iriz Ima’sx3 (Aquelia, Fuuji, Debris) > Chigresx3 (Aquelia, Debris, Ascule) > Verdelets if time permits x5 (Aquelia x2, Debris x2, Fuuji x1)


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