summary of monday znm run

Pop items currently in possesion:
Maroon Seal for Iriz Ima – Jarro (Tinnin Path)
Iriz Ima x 2 – Debris (popped – on wutang for armed gears) avocat pigaches 0 shiiga, ferrara wutang, Aquelia (popped – on zurar for armed gears) Avocat pigaches – jarro, Varg – Ferrara (Tinnin Path)
Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon x 2 – Debris (popped- Item to jarro for iriz), Arkaru (Tinnin Path)
Achamoth x 1 – Vanh (popped – item to aquelia for sarameya – copper colored seal) Aurum Sabatons – Wutangwarrior, Ice Grip – Dakana, Thunder Grip – Nuyu (Sarameya Path)
Experimental Lamia x 1 – Debris (Tyger Path)
Chigre x 2 – Aquelia (popped will get item for wulgaru – pine green seal), Debris (popped – item on dakana for wulgaru) (Tyger Path)
Verdelet x 2 – Aquelia (popped – item on varg for Experimental Lamia) Solitaire Cape – Nuyu, Debris (popped – item on Fuuji for Experimental Lamia) olitaire Cape – Dakana(Tyger Path)
Gotoh Zha – Aquelia (item to Jarro for Tinnin seal) (Tinnin Path), Aurum Cuirass – Cronus OBTAINED

Tyger x2 –
–> Varg (2/3 – Fallow-colored seal, Sienna-colored Seal [needs Experimental Lamia – Taupe-colored Seal])
–> Fuuji (1/3 – Sienna-colored Seal [needs Experimental Lamia – Taupe-colored Seal & Mahjlaef the Paintorn – Fallow-colored seal])

Tinnin x1-
–> Jarro (1/3 – Deep Purple Seal [needs Armed Gears – Charcoal Grey Seal & Dea – Chestnut-colored Seal])

Mini run on Sunday 2pm est will concentrate on tier Is:
Please obtain either more Chigre (Tyger Path) or Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon (Tinnin Path) pop items

Next Monday run will concentrate on tier IIs (and some IIIs if we have time) for the following paths:
Tyger – Verdelets (These will be used to buy Experimental Lamia Pops as we’d like to have a few of these done in a row and we have 1 more order for aurum cuisses and 5 orders of enkidu leggings)

Tinnin – Iriz Ima (These will all be used to buy Armed Gears as we still 4 aurum sabatons)
We will be farming and collecting tier III items for Nuhn and Experimental Lamia until we have enough to pop 3 of each at least consecutively as the trip there is too time consuming to go back and forth every week, so we will dedicate one night Monday night to doing only those two Tier III.

General plans/redirection of efforts:
After observation of our runs, we believe it is more beneficial to do larger groups of tier III and IVs, as the travel time between one pop point to another for tier III took up too much time. Future Monday night runs will be planned accordingly.

To save the group zeni costs to enter the islet (500 zeni each entry), we will plan to do at least 2 tier IV per entry, idealistically 4.

Please feel free to post comments and feedback on anything here.

Note to self: dakana wants roundel, not ice grip


3 thoughts on “summary of monday znm run

  1. well, here’s my first-round wishlist for ZNM drops:

    Hachiryu Haidate (Legs) Dropped from: Sarameya
    Enkidu’s Harness (Body) Dropped from: Tinnin
    Hachiryu Haramaki (Body) Dropped from: Pandemonium Warden
    Enkidu’s Mittens (Hands) Dropped from: Nuhn, Gotoh Zha the Redolent
    Enkidu’s Subligar (Legs) Dropped from: Dea, Khromasoul Bhurborlor

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