mon. znm#8 08/11/08

Available pop items for tonight’s run, listed in pop order:
Iriz Ima x 2 – Jarro (both) POPPED – Hide to Debris, Ascule for Dea (Tinnin)
Cheesehoarder x 6 – Arkaru POPPED – Cape to Godian, Aquelia POPPED – Cape to Cronus, Debris POPPED – Cape to Ascule, Ascule POPPED – Cape to Fro, Vanh POPPED – Cape to Utaru, Shiiga POPPED – Cape to Godian (all used to pop Iriz Ima) (Tinnin)
Armed Gears x 2 – Wutangwarrior POPPED – Fragment To Jarro for Tinnin [Freelotted: tomoe-shiiga, thunder grip – varg, earth grip – fuuji, Zurar POPPED – Fragment to Ascy for tinnin [Freelotted: earth grip -godian, Oracles Gloves – Nainward] [wishlisted: Oracle’s Gloves – Shiiga OBTAINED] (Tinnin)
Wulgaru x 2 – Aquelia POPPED – Head to Frodorn for Nuhn [Freelotted: hissho hachimaki – Fuuji, Dakana POPPED – Head to Fuuji for Nuhn (Tyger)
Ob x 2 – Varg POPPED – Arm to Debris, Dakana POPPED – Arm to Dakana (Sarameya) (all to use on anantaboga)

Not Popped:
Chigre x 6 – Arkaru, Aquelia, Debris, Ascule, Vanh, Shiiga (Tyger)
Dea x 2 – Debris, Ascule (Tinnin)

For future runs:
Experimental Lamia x 3 – Fuuji, Varg, Debris

Tier 4 Sets:
–> Varg (2/3 – Fallow-colored seal, Sienna-colored Seal [needs Experimental Lamia – Taupe-colored Seal])
–> Fuuji (1/3 – Sienna-colored Seal [needs Experimental Lamia – Taupe-colored Seal & Mahjlaef the Paintorn – Fallow-colored seal])
-> Frodorn (0/3 – [needs Nuhn – Sienna-colored Seal & Experimental Lamia – Taupe-colored Seal & Mahjlaef the Paintorn – Fallow-colored seal])

–> Jarro (1/3 – Deep Purple Seal [needs Armed Gears – Charcoal Grey Seal & Dea – Chestnut-colored Seal])
-> Ascule (0/3 – [needs Gotoh Zha – Deep Purple Seal & Armed Gears – Charcoal Grey Seal & Dea – Chestnut-colored Seal])
-> Dakana (0/3 – [needs Gotoh Zha – Deep Purple Seal & Armed Gears – Charcoal Grey Seal & Dea – Chestnut-colored Seal])

-> Aquelia (1/3 – Copper Colored Seal [needs – & -])
-> Wutangwarrior (0/3)
-> Cronus (0/3)



To learn more about which NM drops what items, visit the BGWIKI ZNM page.

Lotting order/priorities
The following is merely a guideline that we're following to make sure everyone in the group gets items on their wishlist. This will not include freelot items (we will call an item freelot when it drops - please be considerate of your friends and if you already have won several things, maybe want to consider passing on it to your buddy next door can get some lewties too)

- Attendance is an important factor on whether or not your name will be included in the 'lot' list if your name is on the wishlist for that item.
- Completion level of your wishlist is another important factor. If you already have 1 or more items on your wishlist fulfilled, to be fair, others who do not will get to lot on the new item.
- Seniority (which ties in to attendance) will also determine whether you will be added to the 'lot' list.
- Resetting wishlist - when a majority of our group members already have their wishlist fulfilled, we will do a 'reset' and you can refresh your list with new items if you so desire.

The following are wishlist items submitted to Varg:
(obtained list does not include freelotted items and older runs prior to official grouping)

Member Name Wish List
Wutangwarrior Aurum Sabatons (Feet) (OBTAINED)
Hachiryu Haidate (Legs)
Hachiryu Haramaki (Body)
Aurum Cuirass (Body)
Hachiryu Kote (Hands)
Varg Enkidu's Harness (Body) (OBTAINED)
Alkalurops (Club)
Shenlong's Baghnakhs (Hand-to-Hand)
Brave Grip (Grip)
Aquelia Hachiryu Haidate (Legs)
Hachiryu Haramaki (Body)
Hachiryu Kote (Hands)
Hachiryu Sune-Ate (Feet)
Enkidu's Subligar (Legs)
Vanh Aurum Sabatons (Feet) (OBTAINED)
Hachiryu Haidate (Legs)
Enkidu's Harness (Body)
Enkidu's Leggings (Feet)
Enkidu's Subligar (Legs)
Cronus Hachiryu Kote (Hands)
Hachiryu Haidate (Legs)
Aurum Cuisses (Legs) (OBTAINED)

Aurum Sabatons (Feet)
Organics (Sword)
Dracor/Godian Aurum Sabatons (Feet) (OBTAINED)
Blood Ring (Ring)
Oracle's Pigaches
Aurum Cuirass (Body)
Nuyu Hachiryu Haidate (Legs)
Hachiryu Kote (Hands)
Hachiryu Haramaki (Body)
Hachiryu Sune-Ate (Feet)
Enkidu's Subligar (Legs)
Dexinie Aurum Sabatons (Feet)
Hachiryu Haramaki (Body)
Enkidu's Leggings (Feet)
Hachiryu Haidate (Legs)
Dakana Enkidu's Harness (Body)
Oracle's Robe (Body)
Antares (Club)
Alkalurops (Club) (OBTAINED)

Ice Grip (Grip)
Frodorn Aurum Sabatons (Feet) (OBTAINED)
Hachiryu Haramaki (Body)
Aurum Cuirass (Body)
Hachiryu Haidate (Legs)
Aurum Cuisses (Legs) (OBTAINED)
Nuiness Oracle's Gloves (Hand)
Jarro Hachiryu Haidate (Legs)
Avocat Pigaches (Feet)
Oracle's Braconi (Legs)
Enkidu's Leggings (Feet)
Oracle's Gloves (Hand) (OBTAINED)
Fuuji Hachiryu Haramaki (Body)
Aurum Sabatons (Feet)
Enkidu's Harness (Body)
Enkidu's Leggings (Feet)
Foolkiller (Great Axe)
Ascule Enkidu's Harness (Body)
Enkidu's Subligar (Legs)
Enkidu's Mittens (Hand)
Enkidu's Leggings (Feet)
Enkidu's Cap (Head)
Nainward Enkidu's Harness (Body)
Oracle's Robe (Body)
Antares (Club)
Alkalurops (Club)
Legion Scutum (Shield)
Zurar Hachiryu Haidate (Legs)
Hachiryu Haramaki (Body)
Enkidu's Harness (Body)
Enkidu's Subligar (Legs)
Enkidu's Mittens (Hand)
Utaru Hachiryu Haramaki (Body)
Ferrara (Great Sword)
Naglering (Great Sword)


4 thoughts on “mon. znm#8 08/11/08

  1. August 18th Run:
    Fuuji/Vanh/Nuyu/Cronus/Wutangwarrior/Frodorn/Shiiga/Fojomojo/Utaru/Zurar/Asmule Showed up, Sorry if I miss anyone.

    Did 4 Chigre:Fuuji pop-Chigre to Vanh
    Vanh pop-Chigre to Fuuji
    Asmule pop-Chigre to Asmule
    Shiiga pop-Chigre to Shiiga
    All Chigre holders get Wulgaru at 2k zeni’s when you can.
    Chigre Items: Asmule – Blood Ring
    Rest Freelotted didn’t keep track
    Did 3 Iriz Ima:Frodorn pop-Iriz Hide to Frodorn-Get Armed Gears
    Cronus pop-Iriz Hide to Cronus-Get Armed Gears
    Asmule pop-Iriz Hide to Asmule-Get Gotoh
    Get your assigned ZNMS by next monday at 3k Zeni’s when you can.
    Iriz Ima Items: Ferrara to Utaru
    Avocat Pigaches Freelotted to Fojomojo
    Ferrara Freelotted to Fuuji
    Avocat Pigaches Freelotted to Nuyu
    Not a bad night even tho we missing Varg/Aquelia, Will be missing Shiiga/Fojomojo for 2 weeks, Aque will be on vacation for 2 weeks.

  2. August 25th Run
    The Players: Fuuji/Utaru/Nuyu/Wutangwarrior/Zurar/Varg/Asmule/Vanh/Godian/Cronus
    Low on support jobs especially whms tonight.

    Iriz Ima first up. Hide to Wutangwarrior for Gotoh pop
    2x Dea: Ascule popped. Horn to Ascule for 2/3 Tinnin
    Fuuji popped. Horn to Fuuji for 1/3 Tinnin
    Items: Fire Grip to Varg
    Dark Grip to Fuuji
    Enkidu Subligar/Dark Grip to Nuyu
    3x Wulgaru: Fuuji popped, Wulgaru Head to Varg to get Mahjaleef pop
    Vanh popped, Head to Vanh for a Nuhn pop
    Ascule popped, Head to Godian for a Mahjaleef pop
    Items: Freelotted – Hissho Hachimaki to Nuyu
    Naked Shield to Godian
    Pop items: Nuhn – Fuuji/Varg/Vanh/Frodorn
    E. Lamia – Fuuji/Varg/Debris
    Mahjaleef – Godian/Varg
    Gotoh – Wutangwarrior/Ascule
    Armed Gears – Frodorn/Cronus
    Wulgaru – Shiiga
    Anantaboga – Debris/Dakana
    Chigre – Aquelia/Debris
    Dea – Debris

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