most depressing video in the world


50 thoughts on “most depressing video in the world

  1. man, i couldnt even do a single fireball! its getting better now. I unlocked 4 new guys but got a headache

  2. weakling =o do we know anymore people with sf4?
    Get me a joystick man, challenge is impossible with the triggers and tapping and crap!

  3. just glue a stick onto your dpad or something and joy with that! i dont know anyone else with sf4…

  4. =[ we need a AP tournament, with input lag… you should buy me chun li’s costume.
    maybe i can hold the analogue stick like a joystick

    Get noby noby boy foosh

  5. oooo, i saw a chun li outfit at the market place today…it was like a shop…dedicated to chinese outfits or something n they had a chun li costume on the wall.

    man…that guys cames are so niche tho. i thought katamari was dumb when i was playing it. n like 10hrs later, i kept asking myself “why am i still playing! >

  6. I’m not sure what noby noby is about though, people are saying they’ve been hours and have no idea what’s going on, noby will keep stretching and eating everything, and random animals will hop on your back, and you then stretch longer, while you’re doing some random crap.

    Maybe thats the point of the game =o

  7. lol someone on ignboards made a thread titled “how do you poop a camel?” with no hints of what game he was playing. all the nobynoby players kept it secret too. it was the most hilarious post ever. you gotta keep eating crap or something to expand yourself to be able to eat bigger things.

    thats the same idea as katamari tho. you gotta collect small things till your ball gets big enough to collect big things.

  8. There’s a timer on katamari though! I think, man I couldn’t play the ps2 version for katamari because it’s so jaggy and blurry, you should try the 360 demo, it’s like jag free, in 720p! It’s so smooth

    Flower isn’t out in asian region yet =( I could only find noby, maybe I’ll get it with flower when flower comes out, I’m not paying 30bucks for a psn card for a 5 dollar game!

  9. save the extra money for fat princess! that is going to be the game! man, i dont even know what flower is about. it is pretty though…but i feel like i wouldnt play it for more than a day

  10. I think you move petals with the flow of wind or something…. and you breed more life to the field through the powah of flowers… or something.

    I think we’re missing a lot of psn titles, there’re all those castle defending game and that monster something eden. When is fat princess coming out?

  11. well, PSN management system got hacked last year. i dont really want to embed my CC onto my PS3 so thats why i dont have any psn games…n i dont know where to get ps3 cards.

    not sure when it gets out. a lotta fat people seem to be offended by it tho. just like black people are offended by RE5 for having blacks in africa

  12. But there’re white and asian zombies in RE5!

    Get the psn cards from sony stores man, don’t you guys have sony stores, there was one in fairview mall in toronto! I’ll have to see how much fat princess cost so I could get the right cards, maybe I’ll have extra for chun li’s costume! Damn man we still haven’t got valkyria chronicles.

  13. dude, my backlog is tremendous lol. no more old games for me. kz2 n re5 n hr and thats it for this year! n if fat princess comes out!

  14. I’m almost done P4… a little over a month to go, glad there isn’t a P5, I’m done with Persona for a while after this man, the dungeons are getting tedious.

    I only have like 2 games on my backlog I planned to finish, the rest are just fighting and racing games! KZ2 is going to suck online, I still hasn’t gotten use to the controls, I’ve been killing my teammate offline over and over.

  15. i think everyone is getting KZ2 man. cala eld jojo hyori and…crap who else is on my buddylist. i think i have a bunch of AP guys but they never log on. its mostly cala playing Fallout3 by himself.

  16. Maybe they all sold their ps3s secretly and playing 360! You should get Fallout 3 too!

    Do you have fuuji on your list? I think he had a ps3 too, kurai might too, he had one but sold it or something.

  17. yea i have fuuji on my list. kurai doesnt have one. i have jojo and hyori tho. n nuyu i think. you have cala n eld tho right? there really the only ones that still communicate.

  18. he needs to get kz2, I hope my lag gives me an advantage instead of the other way around, I hope I’d be teleporting on other people’s screen.

    When is White knight chronicles coming out! That game is like a ffxi equivalent, without autorun…

  19. i think everyone is getting kz2. i think people will boot you for warping lol.

    im not getting wkc man D: i cant keep up in rpgs anymore. i dont have the time sink.

  20. What!? wkc is the best thing since kfc! I think you can play it casually, it’s kind of like PSO with the 4 players right right? It’s not an mmo, it’s just like questing or some crap.

  21. I doubt the single player is that good anyway lol, people were complaining the game ends with a cliffhanger when it just started getting good or something. Or we could just replay RE5 over and over! There’re dlcs too, maybe mercenary mode…

  22. isnt re5 an 18hr game? with all the time i have, thatll take like a month! with kz2 in there too. if kz2 doesnt get old quick, well be playing that till fat princess!

  23. 18hrs is only a weekend! Marathon it! Kz2 is already getting old for me, from shooting my teammates, damn controller, the sensitivity is weird!

  24. dude, i dont htink itll happen lol. 18hrs straight…i still remember playing TQ with Ushi in 1 sitting. it took me like 3 days to recover.

  25. i heard the community is nearly gone now. it got old quick or something. n something about kicking people off a bridge annoyed everyone.

  26. We should just get the super heroes mmo, you know it’s gonna rock. Oh yea are you getting the batman game?

  27. which one? marvel or dc? i think they are both making an mmo. nah, i think ill pass on batman. games here arent cheap like in HK man.

  28. Lies, freaking kz2 was expensive lol, damn thing, it’s like over 60, like… 62 bucks, I could’ve gotten a joystick instead! Now I’m shooting my teammates in cool looking environment watching him die in cool looking animations.

  29. dude, every friggin game here is 60 lol i use to buy my games at Target where it would be cheaper on new releases but they stopped doing that now for games.

  30. I think 360 games still drop their prices there don’t they? It’s god damn ps3 games, especially Sony ones, uncharted is still at 60 after over a year.

  31. wow, 45 posts and none of it has anything to do with the most depressing video in the world!!

    but actually, i think i saw that as the beginning short film for some pixar movie… is that where it’s from?

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