Addition to info about Aion

SO the english ‘intro’ to Aion has been ‘leaked’ mostly because the next beta that starts this weekend will have English VO included yay!! sounds fun. Oh and though I have not had time to update on the Aion beta events, I have been taking part in them whenever I can, which isnt a lotta time and it’s mostly me logging on towards the end of each event, on Sunday nights just to play the game as much as I can since I’ll be joining Champions Online instead of Aion in Sept. (but wont be officially playing anything for real until October – after we settle down in LA).

I’ve been enjoying Aion a lot more after level 10, the story is pretty engaging and it’s the type of game that if you keep at it after level 10 things sorta get a bit more attractive. I still believe games need to stop this whole “suffer through sameness for first 10 levels” crap, I mean just start the fun from level 1 goddamnit already!

I’d actually be more prone to want to play Aion in retail except I already know its going to be open PVP, and unfortunately for me I dont like that so I’ll be going Champions Online, which I’ve been eagerly anticipating every since I heard Cryptic was making it.

Either way… To update on Aion stuff… enjoy the lore of Aion video below šŸ™‚

PS: I’ve given vargy my aion beta account since I cant put it to much good use right now so hopefully HINT HINT HINT! He will post here and tell us what he thinks about it!


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