games i’m keeping an eye on

So next year looks to be like a fun fun fun time for online gaming. Until I get a brand new spanking HDTV and my PS360 as deb calls it lol, I won’t even begin to look at games I can’t play 😦 so I’m stuck looking at online games since they’re the most accessible to me right now (I dont like playing solo rpgs on the pc for some weird reason, this might change hmm)

Out of Korea comes 3 games that is currently in different stages of beta, some of which will launch in Korea by the end of the year but I’m positively sure that none of them will hit the US market before Fall of 2010, at which point FF14 will hopefully be in beta stage, which will make me WANT to play something… so I’ll be filling my fidgety time with one of the following 3.

Things to look at for these:
– Combat style – looks like devs are doing fun exciting things with mmos, FINALLY!
– Graphics coz I’m a graphics ho
– settings, environments and potential story (hopefully more)
– pvpve (unfortunately since Korean devs cater to this crowd the most)

Continent of the Ninth (C9)

Officially Trailer:

Gameplay Video:

Movements and keymapping (very cool stuff)

CBT Leaked Footage:

Boss Battle PVE, solo:

(notice that he keeps ‘reraising’ >.> no clue how that’s possible and hope its not done stupidly so that people can just keep raising etc. I love the dimensions of this fight)

Newly announced (as of June) class – Shaman


Tera Online
I really like the art direction of this particular game. I also love that they are hulking cute galka like beings in it lol, especially the one at the end lol.

there are no beta/etc gameplay footage that I can find yet that’s GREAT quality, but will post when I do. In the meantime these are from gameshows:

Full scale battles:

Boss battles:

Blade and Soul
Deb pointed me to this one and it looks fantastic… I’m very much looking forward to poking around this one. It’s another NCsoft title, so there’s something to be said for an established company behind this.

Can someone translate this site for me? ; ; would love more details but non forth coming right now!


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