beta addict

So.. we moved the ‘rent a truck and move shit to storage in York, PA 2hrs away” date from Wednesday to next Monday. Which leaves me with 1 whole free day to play Champions Online Hurray! Will post impressions etc. at some point, but me and buncha girls are leaving for the beach on Thursday eve and wont be back till Sunday night, then the moving crap on Monday then gotta be outta this place and have shit in a shipping container to LA by the 14th so hopefully I get at least another crack at CO on this lovely PC before I gotta ghetto style it on the lappy. Will post screens tomorrow about how different the game looks on both pc lol. I havent actually been in the beta yet >< just got my code and everything set up and patched. Cant wait!

In the meantime I felt like I should list down the stuff I'm beta testing and also things I want to beta test in case I forget. I'm addicted to randomly beta testing games, who knows why!

Games I'm currently beta testing for:
– Aion
– Champions Online
– Alganon

Games in Open Beta I tried and promptly uninstalled after 5 mins of puking:
– CrimeCraft

Games I may want to beta:
– Earth Eternal
– Jade Dynasty
– 2029 (RTS Online? O.o;;)
– Jumpgate Evolution
– Stargate Worlds (which doesnt look like its gonna happen right now due to CME being retards)
– Fallen Earth


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