FFXIV: ARR Beta Phase 2 – Animation Feedback


Feedback Status Comment
Please tone down the sprint effect more. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3 we’ve made adjustments to tone this down a bit.
Please increase the variety of animation depending on the element of the spell. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 Spell casting animations are governed by class, and with the Armoury system you can use spells from multiple classes making it possible to have multiple casting animations on a single character. Also, the casting animations for classes and jobs are different, so please be sure to check out the variations.
I feel like the leaning motion when female Lalafells are sitting down is different from that of 1.0. I’d like to see it return to the 1.0 style. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We’ve fixed this in Beta phase 3!
When I go into first person view while riding my chocobo I only see the back of the chocobo’s head. Is this intentional? Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We’ve fixed this is Beta phase 3!
Are there any plans to make the higher-level actions flashier than the lower-level actions? Addressed in Beta Phase 3 The effects demonstrate the difference between elements and the effects of spells, and the higher tier spells will look more powerful. Animations demonstrate the difference between magic types, because they can be used by other classes. We will not be adding variations to casting animations to make it easier to tell what is being cast.
In an E-Sumi-Yan quest, the gestures and expressions in the cutscene look extremely robotic. Please make them look better. Addressed in Beta Phase 3
Continuing to Adjust
We’ve adjusted the eye blinking algorithms. We will continue to make adjustments moving forward not only for E-Sumi-Yan, but for many characters that have this unnatural feel.
I noticed that my chocobo doesn’t flap its wings when jumping because the “Order of the Twin Adder” banners are in the way. Are there any plans for the chocobo to be able to flap its wings depending on the gear it has equipped? Addressed in Beta Phase 3
Continuing to Address
You’ll be able to change the chocobo barding starting in Beta phase 3. Considering their roles as companions, we will be adding armor that will allow chocobo’s to move their wings more freely.
I’d really like to see some cool victory pose emotes. Continuing to Address In Beta phase 3 we’ve added 13 emotes that will express emotions, as well as a “salute (grand company)” and “pray” emotes.
I feel like chocobo’s legs move too fast. Please adjust this. Planning to Address in Beta Phase 4 Heading towards Beta phase 4 we are working on adjusting the Lalafell riding animation as it is a bit too fast. Please check on this after it is fixed in Beta phase 4.
There are many cases where it seems like male Miqo’te legs are floating when they are seated in a chair. Please fix this. Planning to Address in Beta Phase 4 We are planning to fix this in Beta phase 4. We apologize, but please wait a short while longer.
I would like to see group emotes implemented (like a “Cheers!” group emote). Planning to Update after Official Service Begins The idea of having emotes you can execute with others is interesting, but we have other other items which need to be prioritized for implementation, so please let us look into this after launch.
Please add a toggle for emotes like “/dance.” I’d like to be able to dance continuously. Planning to Update after Official Service Begins We are looking into addressing this in an update after launch.
Please add different animation variations for auto-attack, running, jumping, and when using each of the abilities. Planning to Update after Official Service Begins For auto-attack, moving, and other basic actions we’ve made them have common animations intentionally just like magic spells and would like to keep them as they are currently. As for specialized things such as weapon skills and abilities, we would like to make specialized versions in the future, so please look forward to them.
Please make it possible to eat while sitting at table or in a chair. Planning to Update after Official Service Begins We are looking into addressing this in an update after launch.
Please make it possible to summon minions while mounted. Working as Intended While it is not possible to call a mount and minion at the same time, we’ve created the system so that a large number of them can be created easily, so we apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.
Please add a heavier feel to attack animations. Working as Intended In order to make these animations feel more weighted, there needs to be a sense of momentum. There is no doubt that the feeling of weight is an extremely important element in movement; however, since we’ve made response time our most important priority, we had to trim down the animations as close as we could. This is something that we’ve done the best we could with. We apologize and appreciate your understanding.
During cutscenes, there are no animations in response to lines or reactions, such as gestures, to new characters appearing in the scene. Please adjust this. Working as Intended When watching cutscenes, since it’s the players themselves who feel the emotions, we’ve toned down the acting so that the character’s display of emotion and what are you feeling do not go against each other.
Please add more emotes that use the Miqo’te’s tail. Working as Intended We are working hard to add fun tail movements into emotes!
The animation when you stop suddenly when running isn’t smooth, so please adjust this. Working as Intended We have no plans to address this. We apologize and appreciate your understanding.
I’ve noticed that for some of the emotes, when I target another player or NPC, in the middle of the emote, my character won’t face the target. Are there any plans to address this? Working as Intended Due to the fact that it looks unnatural when moving the character’s necks and also because it is not possibile from a modeling standpoint, so we’ve intetionally made it so the don’t turn their head. We appreciate your understanding.
For the jumping animation, when lifting off it seems like your character is floating, but upon landing it seems like you are really heavy, which gives an unnatural feel. Please adjust this. Working as Intended The jumping animation has been set the way it is currently as a result of placing emphasis on the response time when pressing the jump button, and we have no plans to change this.
Please add an animation when turning with the mouse. Working as Intended There was time when there was an animation when rotating a character with the mouse, but once you get used to the mouse controls you will rotate quicker, and having no animation is more natural, so as a result of our discussions we decided to remove the animation. On the other hand, the rotation speed for gamepads have been set to a specific speed and we are working to add an animation for this.
When linking emotes they do not connect in a natural fashion. Please adjust this. Working as Intended We’ve prioritized making it so there is a quick response when pressing the key so you can move without hassle. By using /sit when you are seated, there is a standing animation so please use it as needed depending on the situation.
Please add an effect to characters when they log out so other players know if they logged out on purpose or if they were disconnected. No Plans to Address There are too many situations where it is not possible to detect what caused a player to disconnect, be it server side connection drops or sevice provider issues. Since this cannot be identified on the fly, this is not possible to address. We appreciate your understanding.
Please make it so our chocobo mounts do things like look around, eat grass, and groom itself. No Plans to Address The animations for chocobos are already at the limit of memory they were allocated, and since we would like to have this operate on as many hardware setups as possible, we are unable to allocate any more memory. This will be the way it is for official release. We appreciate your understanding.
Please slow down the animations for weapon skills. No Plans to Address We do not have any plans to make these animations slower as they have been adjusted by prioritizing battle speed and balance. We apologize and appreciate your understanding.
Why are some of the emotes race-specific? Are there any plans to remove the restriction? No Plans to Address Emotes have been created around the principle that they give each race their identity. There are many players who feel this is special, and we would like to treat these as special emotes for each race and continue to add more emotes (cute, cool, etc.) that are based on these race’s individuality.
I’d like an animation of the chocobo running to me and then jumping on to mount it when I call my personal chocobo. No Plans to Address For mounts, we’ve made adjustments so that you are able mount and ride smoothly when you call them. While an animation for mounting would be nice at first, it would become frustrating after doing it numerous times, and this is why we’ve made it the way it is. We appreciate your understanding.
Instead of waiting for the gauge to fill before mounting when I use the chocobo whistle, please make it instant like in FFXIV 1.0. No Plans to Address This has been adjusted and implemented with game balance in mind when considering movement speed from gathering point to gathering point, as well as the general time it takes to move around. We appreciate your understanding.

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