FFXIV: ARR Beta Phase 2 – Battle System Feedback

Battle System

Feedback Status Comment
I feel like there isn’t anything special about archer weapon skills. Please re-adjust this. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We’ve adjusted the weapon skill power and the level in which they are learned in Beta phase 3 based on feedback. Please be sure to check it out.
The damage a player receives when poisoned is too low, so please adjust this. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 Depending on the tier of poison the damage will differ, but in Beta phase 3 we’ve made overall revamps, so please make sure to have your antidotes ready.
Please implement a feature that makes it easier to target players outside of your party. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 Fundamentally, when in town, pressing the confirm button anchors on to aethernet objects and NPCs you are facing towards, and by pressing the left and right directional keys you can cycle through other characters. In Beta phase 3, we have a setting that will allow you to filter out NPCs in this system. In the event that you would like to customize your target settings please use this feature. In FATE, if you would like to target another player, please use the target circles that have been implemented in Beta phase 3 or the anchor feature.
Please implement combos like in 1.0 where positioning is necessary. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3 we’ve released classes where positioning is important to deal efficient damage. Positioning is important for lancer/dragoon, but be sure to check out pugilist in Beta phase 3.
Please make it possible to execute stronger abilities by comboing weapon skills. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 As an individual class difference, pugilist/monk will only be able to execute WS under special conditions. It’s quite different than classes in Beta phase 2, so please try it out.
There have been numerous cases where the FATE boss has been knocked out of the FATE area by a conjurer’s “Fluid Aura,” which causes it to recover all of its health and become invincible for a certain period of time. Please make it so this ability only binds enemies that the CNJ is not targeting. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3 we’ve adjusted this so FATE boss monsters cannot be knocked back.
The text displayed when casting is interrupted gets buried with the other flying text, so please fix this. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3 we’ve made the casting bar take display priority over the flying text.
In regards to the hate value for the hate list, it’s hard to tell it exists because the numbers are so small, so could you make them a bit more noticeable by making them red bold characters when it’s 100% and yellow when above 50%? Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We’ve made adjustments in Beta phase 3 so you can tell hate value based on color.
Please implement spells at lower levels to deal with status ailments. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3 we’ve made adjustments and changed the level in which Esuna is learned to 18. We’ve also made adjustments so that levels below this do not need Esuna; however, there may be times where Antidotes will need to be used in event battles.
Please have an ON/OFF toggle for battle effects or have a setting to lower the number that display. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3 we’ve made it possible to change this option. Please try it out by going to the Battle Effect section in Graphic Settings within the System Configuration.
Similar to 1.0, can you make it so enemies have a 2-3 second preparation time for their abilities? Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3 we’ve increased the amount of monster attack variations. A lot of monster behavior has changed, so go challenge them!
It’s difficult to see the blinking icon for combos. Please make it easier to see with a glance. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We’ve made adjustments in Beta 3 to improve visibility. Please check it out.
Please add combos that give bonuses like enhancement effects and such when linking various abilities together. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 From mid-levels, there will be multiple routes for combos, and you will have battles where you need to consider your abilities and TP cost. We’ve made various adjustments in Beta phase 3, so please check them out.
At low levels it’s almost impossible to use up MP and TP on conjurer, so please add more types of abilities and spells in the beginning. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 While it’s difficult to increase the overall number of actions due to system limitations, we’ve made adjustments so that actions are learned early on, and made it so up until level 12 actions, not traits, are learned.
You could change the target circle in Version 1.0, so is there any chance of letting us change the target circle’s appearance? And not just the color, but different designs that blend in with the look of the game a bit more. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3 we’ve introduced target circles. They can be customized, so please try them out and let us know your feedback.
Currently it’s difficult to use “Awareness,” so please adjust this so the effect duration is 60 seconds and for 20 seconds there is a 0% chance of taking critical damage. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We’ve made adjustments in Beta phase 3, so please check it out.
In regards to spell interruption, interruption is processed around .3 seconds late and this can be fatal, so please display a warning message without the casting bar while moving and also ease the margin for interruption when beginning to cast directly before you stop moving. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We’ve adjusted this in Beta phase 3, so please check it out.
Please make it possible to evade attacks. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta 3 we’ve made a wide range of monster adjustments, and made it so they use attacks that can and should be avoided.
Please increase the variation of weapon skills so they don’t all look like those learned at lower levels. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 Based on feedback, we’ve made adjustments to the weapon skills, spells, and abilities learned at low levels for each class.
There are no spells to stop enemies from far away, so please implement these. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3 additional classes have been introduced, and Repose, Sleep, Fluid Aura, and other spells and weapon skills have been added, which can aid in stopping enemies in their tracks.
During battles with melee classes, there are a lot of times where enemies are out of range, so please fix this. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3 we’ve addressed situations where you are running after monsters or out of position and an action is cancelled even though there was an animation. Please check it out.
Conjurers are lacking spells that can be cast quickly. Please add them. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 Based on feedback, we’ve made changes in Beta phase 3 so that Aero is instantly cast.
After finally learning Esuna, I read the description and saw that there’s a 20% chance the next cast has an AoE effect. But if I need to use Esuna to cure status effects now, why is the AoE on the next cast? Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We’ve changed the effect and kept the 20% activation rate. There is now a 20% chance that the spell will not consume MP. Especially for mid-level and higher-level dungeons we feel that the importance of Esuna is extremely high.
With the current frequency of casting interruption due to being hit by an attack there is a large difference in the damage amount compared to melee classes, so please get rid of, or modify the frequency of, casting interruption. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3 you will no longer be interrupted due to low damage attacks, and we’ve also adjusted the frequency of interruptions.
As a conjurer, I’m at a disadvantage against the mob. Their knockback interrupts my spells, reduces my HP and kicks me out of the area, until they despawn and I need to start again. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We’ve made overal behavior changes to monsters, not only for the frequency of knockback. Please check it out.
Please make it known in-game that dealing a certain amount of damage to monsters that other players are fighting will count towards hunting log objectives. Addressed in Beta Phase 3
Continuing to Address
We’ve added this to an active help window in Beta phase 3.
Please make it possible to use macros using a player name and not only by player number. Continuing to Address We will be continuing to address text commands as needed, so please wait a bit longer.
Please make it so there are a lot of spawns for Hunting Log monster targets. Continuing to Adjust We’ve made adjustments so that the monsters that have a low number of spawns require less kills to complete log objectives.
It’s time consuming to hand-write macros, so I’d like a system that allows for easy macro creation. Planning to Address After Launch For launch we will provide a sample macro, and you can start by changing that and using it.
Please add a list that shows what monster is attacking which party member. Continuing to Discuss Since there is too much information being displayed for the PS3 version, we don’t plan on adding this as-is, but we will continue to look into it.
Please display target lines for a set period of time. Continuing to Discuss While this is technically possible to address, increasing the display frequency will cause a lot of display lag and will be affected by hardware. We will continue to look into this when we can safely implement it.
Please add some leeway for the time in which actions can be queued up during global cool down. Continuing to Discuss We are continuing to make adjustments to this as we look at feedback.
The ON/OFF toggle for skills like Cleric Stance are difficult to understand. Please make the icon flash or something to make it stand out when it is on. Continuing to Discuss We will continue to look into this to respond to feedback.
Please implement the FFXIV version 1.0 sub-target feature. Continuing to Discuss We’ve set the system so that you can operate similar to sub-targets by using anchors without changing your main target, but we understand that there are advantages to sub-targeting where you indicate actions beforehand, and as such have set the system to allow for the implementation of sub-targeting.

Since it would become extremely complicated if there are too many different controls, we will be adding this as an optional feature and not the standard. While the time period in which we address this is currently not decided we will make adjustments for launch.

Please make it easy visually to tell the range for auto-attacks, skills, and magic. Continuing to Discuss We will do our best to look into and adjust this as much as possible within the limited range of processes.
Please implement a variety of ways monsters can detect players, such as low HP, magic casting, etc. Continuing to Discuss The feedback received is a plan that has been suggested and we will continue to look into this proactively.
For directional based weapon skills, please show in the log how much of a damage boost was elicited as a percentage value. Continuing to Discuss We will continue to look into this so we can implement it before launch.
Please clarify how weaknesses and resistances will work.

1. Fire cast on a fire-based monster will damage it, and oppositely, if you use fire’s weakness (wind) the damage output will not increase (common for recent MMOs)
2. Fire deals damage, but using Aero gives a boost in damage (FFXIV 1.0)
3. Fire does not deal damage, and Aero deals large amounts of damage. (Previous Final Fantasy titles)

Working as Intended Since this is an important concept, we’ve released an explanation of this here.
Please remove the specification where casting is cancelled when curing while moving. Working as Intended Since this is a specification that has been decided on for the base of all content we have no plans to change this. We appreciate your understanding.
Please make it so experience points are gained when an enemy’s HP reaches 0, not after their dying animation. Working as Intended We have no plans to change this currently, because the graphics display and numerical expressions are synced as a core specification. We appreciate your understanding.
Please make it so other classes cannot set offensive magic spells. Working as Intended Being able to use attack and enfeeble spells as any Disciple of Magic class, enhancing and curing spells as any class, and weapon skills (besides class-specific ones) as any Disciple of War class is a feature of the game.
The animation and name of the archer ability “Far Shot” do not match. Working as Intended We’ve temporarily masked Far Shot for Beta 3 adjustments and have changed it. We plan on re-releasing this as a PvP action.
Why is my gear breaking even though someone else delivered the final blow? Working as Intended Your equipment durability is calculated during battle and any changes are reflected after the battle is over regardless of if you delivered the final blow or not. We’d like you to pay attention to any decrease in durability received during battle.
The damage increases when leveling up are too subtle. Working as Intended FFXIV: ARR is an MMORPG and damage increases for the long-term have been calculated beforehand. Since there is a danger for the future if we have damage inflation right now, what is currently working is intended.
There are often times HP is recovered a couple seconds after the cure animation is completed, so please make it so HP is recovered right after casting is done. Working as Intended In FFXIV: ARR, the graphics and processes are tied to each other fundamentally, so cures will be executed on your target once they receive the effect.
Please make it so global cooldown is not for everything, and separate weapon skills and spells. Working as Intended In Beta phase 3, abilities and auto-attacking will no longer adhere to the global cool down, and the number of battle variations have increased. Please check it out.
I don’t see the point of auto-attack when you can spam actions. Working as Intended Auto-attack is only intended to be a source of constant base damage.
Please make it so you cannot spam weapon skills by reducing the maximium amount of TP. No Plans to Address For mid-levels and higher, we’ve set the system so that if you want to maximize damage you will have to consider TP efficiency. At the beginning of the game you will not have to worry much about TP cost. Also, we do not plan on increasing the necessity for auto-attack any more than what it is currently.
Please make it possible to kill monsters out in the field to level up. No Plans to Address The main concept of FFXIV: ARR is that you level up by playing content, so we do not have plans to have players level up by killing monsters in the field.
When a targeted monster changes their appearance, please make it so they don’t become untargetted. No Plans to Address If a monster changes, or does something special, and targetting is automatically carried over you might accidentally auto-attack which impede a player’s choice, so we do not plan on addressing this.
Please implement a combo system where after certain magic has been cast players can increase the damage by performing certain attacks. No Plans to Address Since there would be a huge number of combinations, we had to slim it down for implementation, and ultimately it would result in only certain actions being repeated over and over. As an entire party ability, the limit break system has been implemented, so please try it out.
Please make it possible to change classes or jobs inside of dungeons. Also, please make it possible to repair gear inside as well. No Plans to Address By using the Duty Finder, which matches players for battle content based on their roles, you will be able to easily play in parties. Since it’s possible to use role changes in negative ways, this will be the way it is implemented for official release. We appreciate your understanding.
After a battle has been completed, please make it so your progress towards the hunting log objective is displayed in the flying text. No Plans to Address We looked into a method similar to what was suggested, but it is was difficult to understand and the display got in the way which created the reverse effect, so we decided to only display it in the chat log.

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