FFXIV: ARR Beta Phase 2 – Quests Feedback


Feedback Status Comment
It’s difficult to understand whether you need to use an item for a quest or not. Addressed in Beta Phase 2 From Beta phase 2, an item window will pop up by right clicking the target NPC/object and direct you to use the item.
I would like a hint of where I’m supposed to go next while progressing a quest. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We will be reducing the size of the area for marker-related quests (including the lancer quest which we received a lot of feedback on) and also making it clearer to understand where to go.
When you complete the levequest “Wail of a Tale” after accepting the quest “Skeletons in My Deepcroft,” the game tells me that I defeated magicked bones even though I haven’t. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We are aware that this was a bug and it has been fixed for Beta phase 3.
Please implement quests that tie into raid dungeons. For example, quests that ask you to retrieve an item from Tam-Tara. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We have a policy to strongly avoid using dungeons in order to complete side quests. However, there are main story quests where you will have to clear dungeons, so please try and find them.
The quest “Passing Muster” where you need to wear level 5 equipment is difficult for disciples of magic classes because their equipment starts from level 6. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3 we have made adjustments so that there is equipment that can be equipped from level 5.
I find it difficult to differentiate main quests and side quests. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 This has been partially adjusted in Beta phase 3. Please try out Beta 3 and let us know your feedback.
Currently if you are disconnected during a levequest it will result in a failure, so please make it so you can pick up from where you left off if you get disconnected. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 Even if the player is disconnected during a levequest, they can continue from where they left off as long as they log back in within a few minutes.
Make side quests have continuing segments and have smaller quests tie into one large quest. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 Quests with continuations will be implemented in Beta phase 3. We are also planning to implement more in the future.
If a quest requires me to go to a location that I’ve never been to, I would like to receive instructions on how to get there. How about inserting a cut scene of some sort? Addressed in Beta Phase 3 For Beta phase 3, an adjustment has been made to certain quests where the route to the destination is a bit complicated. Also when quest objectives are in different areas, we ask that you use the new region map.
Please distinguish my quest targets from others’ quest targets. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We’ve addressed this by adding a “Q” mark to your quest targets, while other players’ quest targets do not have this mark.
When I select “shortest” as the height for my Lalafel, I find it difficult to target the aethrytes. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3, we have slightly lowered the portion that can be targeted.
There are equipment items given as rewards that can only be equipped if we level up more. Please adjust this. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 Partial adjustments will be made in Beta phase 3, but certain aspects have been intentionally adjusted to make it so you have to level up to equip the reward gear. We are adjusting these on an individual basis, so if there are other quests you are concerned with, please continue to leave your feedback.
Whenever I’m doing a quest that displays a search range on the map, sometimes multiple search ranges from different quests overlap with each other and it makes it too difficult to identify which circle belongs to which quest. Are there any plans to address this? Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We’ll be applying a gradation effect to overlapping ranges starting in Beta phase 3 so that their visability will increase even if they overlap with each other.
Please do not place quest NPCs where FATEs occur. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We’ve addressed this as much as possible in Beta phase 3, but as long as it is not a critical issue, we do not envision making it so that they will never overlap. We appreciate your understanding.
Please eliminate the feature where monsters run away and spawn other monsters to ambush you. Or make it so you these monsters can be defeated before they run away. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 It has been balanced already so you can defeat the monster before it runs away, but in Beta phase 3 we’ve eased up on this even more.
The progression of the main quest feels disconnected like when you go from Gridania to the Bannock after gaining level 4. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3, we’ve re-adjusted the beginning of all quests, so please try it out and let us know your feedback.
Please implement a battle tutorial quest. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 For solo battle, the class quests for each class and Guildhests for party battle will fill that need. However with the class quests for LNC, ARC and CNJ that were implemented in Beta phase 1, we will make adjustments for Beta phase 4.
For the levequest “Monkey Business,” the monsters pop on top of you in an aggressive state, and it’s very hard to complete on conjurer. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 Just as mentioned in feedback, there were some aspects which were not balanced properly and they have been adjusted in Beta phase 3.
The text in the intro cutscene goes by too quickly and it’s difficult to read. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta 3, the opening cut scenes will now progress when clicking the button. However, there are specific parts that will still progress automatically.
For any quests wherein the objective is to defeat enemies, I would like the NPC to tell me when the enemies suddenly appear. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 Starting from Beta phase 3, a message announcing the appearance of quest monsters will appear once you are near the objective.
If a quest NPC is located in a different area, there should be a way to notify the player accordingly. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We’ve added a region map which will allow players to confirm connections between multiple maps of the areas nearby in Beta phase 3. If the quest objectives are in a different area, an icon will be displayed on the region map. We will continue to improve its usability based on feedback.
Once we are able to enter a certain instanced dungeon, there should be a way for the game to tell us that it can now be accessed. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 The leveling path up to level 20 will introduce instanced dungeons starting in Beta phase 3. We’ll also be implementing it on all instanced dungeons for launch.
To prevent the initial congestion of the starting area, you should place the quest monsters in multiple locations. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 Partial adjustments have been to the leveling path for the starting areas so that the players will be more scattered. Please try it out in Beta phase 3 and give us your feedback.
You should make the required level for the quest that makes you visit the Bannock a level 3 quest or make it so the character reaches level 4 when you complete all the quests within the city. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 After thoroughly considering our options, we have decided to adjust the leveling path for players in the starting areas to lessen the gap between quests, instead of lowering the required level for these quests.
The required level for some quests seem to be higher than what it’s supposed to be. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3, both the strength of monsters and the quests themselves have been adjusted.
It’s too difficult to level up your character from level 13-15 because there aren’t enough quests. Are there any plans to address this? Addressed in Beta Phase 3 Leveling is designed to be accomplished not only via quests, but also by participating in FATE battles and completing the Hunting Log. However in Beta phase 3, an adjustment will be made to the amount of EXP required to level up to level 15.
The boss for the quest “Spirithold Broken” seems to be too difficult as a level 10 archer. If there’s a need to grab actions from other classes, it would be nice if I’m told so via the quest. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 For Beta phase 3, we have made major changes to the quest “Spirithold Broken,” including the boss, with the help of the Battle team. Please try it out and give us your feedback.
It feels like we enter the first instanced dungeon without really knowing the role of our classes. Any chance you could implement a quest to teach us these things? Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3, we are making an adjustment so that the role of each class can be learned through their class quests. Also we will continue to work on every possible measure up to launch.
The main story feels pretty bland, and since I don’t know about the story from version 1.0 I’m very lost. Also, after level 10 it feels like the storyline just ends. Addressed in Beta Phase 3

First, we will be implementing two scenes that take place before the current opening scene in phase 2. The first scene will explain a bit about the lore and offer a prologue of the world before your adventure begins (this will touch on the Seventh Umbral Era). The second scene will offer insight into the line mentioned at the beginning regarding “aether sickness.”

The Seventh Umbral Era of the 1.0 storyline is basically a prologue that leads up to the story in A Realm Reborn. So with that said, basically you don’t need to worry about it too much as the main story will progressively fill you in on what happened.

From level 15, the dungeon exploration will finally begin, but in Beta phase 3 we will be implementing light-party content known as Guildhests for level 10 and on. We’d like players to get used to playing in a party and moving through the main scenario. Also, around level 15 you will start moving away from your home city-states and adventuring to the other city-states and requests will start popping up through the main quests for dungeon exploration. With that said, players will naturally explore dungeons and progress through the story. In Beta phase 3, except for the voice overs, the main scenario quests have been completed up to level 20.

When you accept a quest, the description and the illustration that appears seems to be for the wrong quest. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 We have retaken screenshots and fixed issues that featured different images in the quest journal and the actual quest in Beta phase 3.
During the cut scene for the quest “To Guard a Guardian,” the NPC falls to their knees and follows it with a “sit” emote. Are there any plans to address this? Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3, we’ve swapped in animations so that this doesn’t appear unnatural.
During the quest “Migrant Marauders,” the enemies use the knock back ability so often that it causes frequent resets of the quest. Are there any plans to address this? Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3, we’ve changed the overal behavior of enemies, and removed the knock back effect from these monsters.
I would like to progress the opening cut scene on my own instead of having it progress automatically. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta 3, the opening cut scenes will now progress when clicking the button. However, there are specific parts that will still progress automatically.
I find it difficult to identify the exit for the quest “Renewing the Covenant.” Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3, we’ve made adjustments so that it is easier to tell where you can move on the 2D map and introduced an icon to indicate the exit.
Please add quests that teach you why areas were named the way they were. Continuing to Address In Beta phase 3, passages on lore can be seen in certain quests and also by talking to NPCs. Of course, the Lore team is aware that these things need to be included so we will continue to add them in the game.
Please make it possible to choose various items for quest rewards, not just equipment. Continuing to Address So far it’s possible to select various quest rewards other than equipment, such as food and medicine but we will continue to consider adding other kind of rewards.
Please add more elaborate side quests. Continuing to Address

We are focused on the following targets for FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

For main quests, we’ve added voice overs and cutscenes, to make them more enjoyable.
For class quests and job quests, we’ve created stories and would like players to read them.
For sidequests, we’ve prepared a number of them so players don’t lose their way and are able to learn about the world as they go.

So, for sidequests, the main idea is to have a large number of them and to use them to supplement the lore. Of course, with the limited nature of sidequests, the leads are constantly reworking quests to really bring out their best aspects and submitting exciting ideas, which we continue to implement.

We’ll continue to implement sidequests after launch, so with the increased number of quests there will be variations and more elaborate ones as well.

When I have to use an item for a quest, the icons are too small and difficult to click on the Duty List. Planning to Address in Beta Phase 4 After Beta phase 4, we plan on fixing the difficulty associated with using items on quest objects.
When a red quest icon and a green quest icon overlap each other, the red currently takes priority over the green. Are there any plans to address this? Planning to Address in Beta Phase 4 We are aware of display bugs for various icons, including the one where a red quest icon overlaps a green quest icon. It took some time to address, but we plan to have it addressed after Beta phase 4.
The level 30 conjurer quest is quite easy. Please adjust this. Planning to Address in Beta Phase 4 We plan on making adjustments to the difficulty of the level 30 conjurer quest in Beta phase 4.
With the botanist quests, it seems like the NPCs don’t accept HQ items even though they are counted as items collected. Planning to Address in Beta Phase 4 An issue where the HQ item was being counted as collected in the Botanist quest has been confirmed as a bug. This issue is scheduled to be addresses after Beta phase 4 where only the NQ item will be counted and accepted.
When I accept more quests than what can be displayed on the duty list, I would like additional quests to refill the list automatically when there’s an opening. Also, I would like to be able to adjust the priority of what’s displayed within the duty list. Planning to Address in Beta Phase 4 We plan on implementing a feature where the duty list will be refilled automatically when there is an opening by Beta phase 4.
Any quest that is accepted within an instanced area, such as “Festive Endeavors,” does not appear on the map. Are there any plans to address this? Planning to Address in Beta Phase 4 We are continuing to work on addressing this for Beta phase 4 so that you are notified of quests in neighboring areas via area borders on the map.
Please add powerful monsters that can only be beaten by high level groups to the hunting log. Will be Addressed at Launch Up to a certain rank, players would be able to complete the hunting log at a resonable level. However in the higher ranks, powerful monsters are planned to be targets.
It’s a hassle having to select the quest item every time it needs to be traded. Discussing to address in an update after launch We understand this, but at the time of launch when there will be many MMORPG beginners, we would like them to remember the action of trading in these items and therefore implemented the system in this way. Once players have gotten used to this and if the timing is right to add in conveniences we plan on simplifying it.
Please make it possible to receive minions at a lower level. Discussing to address in an update after launch We cannot give specific details yet but there will be an opportunity to receive minions through various methods such as special campaigns and seasonal events. So there should be more opportunities to receive one at a lower level.
Please add a feature that allows you to share quests with other players. Discussing to address in an update after launch Currently there is no plan to implement a feature where you can share quests with other players but we will consider it for after launch.
When leveling your second class, please make it possible to accept quests that you have already cleared. Discussing to address in an update after launch Implementation of daily quests, or quests that can be received multiple times, is being planned for an update after launch.
Please implement a quest that unlocks the letter delivery feature by gaining the trust of the citizens. Continuing to Discuss We will keep it in consideration for future quest variation. Thanks for the feedback!
If there are any quests that I haven’t accepted yet, I would like a feature that reminds me about them. Continuing to Discuss We are planning to implement a feature that details recommended quests and content in the area you’re in. We will announce further details on this in the future.
I would like to see a quest that makes you go to all of the aethrytes within the city. Continuing to Discuss We would like to look into this as we move forward, but currently we have nothing we can announce.
Currently, you get credit for defeating a monster when you attack a monster that’s already claimed. Is this intentional? Working as Intended Even if someone else attacks the enemy first, receiving credit for your quest, or receiving an item from an enemy as long as you do enough damage is by design. We hope this helps create an environment where players are more willing to work together in the field.
I want to be able to compare the quest reward with my current gear by easily being able to see the stat differences. Working as Intended When receiving gear as a quest reward, by hovering your mouse over the item, an item description window should appear, indicating its stats in comparison to your currently equipped gear.
Currently, when you watch a cut scene on a monitor with the aspect ratio of 21:9, the sides of the cut scene are cut out. Are there any plans to address this? Working as Intended This is by design due to the difficulty in adapting cutscenes to all possible resolutions. We appreciate your understanding.
Quest monsters should be only attackable by the person who accepted the quest. Working as Intended The reason we designed it this way is because:
1. The battle in FFXIV ARR should be enjoyed by everyone without complications.
2. It’s strange to see a player attack an invisible monster.

With the current Beta Test, only one starting area is accessible to the testers. Due to this, there seems to be abundance of quest monsters. We’ll do our best to alleviate the matter by adjusting the respawn rate, addition of monsters, etc.

Please make it possible to use inns right from the beginning. Working as Intended

We’d like players to understand the fundamentals by playing for a few hours (even then there is still a lot to remember), and then unlock new aspects around level 10.

In addition to the current inn features, we will be adding the features leading up to release such as the ability to summon retainers, the ability to re-watch previous cutscenes, storage, and hairstyles and other character customization features (currently known as the beauty salon).

I would like to be able to enter an instance for the class quests while I’m in a party. Working as Intended On a fundamental level, quests and special battles that occur during quests (aside from dungeons, primal fights, and large scale content) have been balanced to be completed without the need of a party. They have been created so you can enjoy them alone, so we ask that you temporarily disband your party and challenge the battle. We will continue to monitor feedback on this as we move forward.
Please add numbering to quests. No Plans to Implement There is no plan to add numbering to quests. The reason for this is because there are 3 city-states where players can begin and there will be a difference in what happens, and also because we will be adding a large amount of quests moving forward making it difficult to assign numbers. Also we would like to avoid the situation where players run around to fill in the missing numbers. We appreciate your understanding.
When taking on levequests with party members, please make it possible to receive the same leves. No Plans to Address Levequests are designed as solo content. So even though it is possible to receive support from other players, it is not intended to be party content. After thorough consideration, it has been decided not to add that sort of feature.
Please implement a feature that allows us to skip quest text. No Plans to Address We are not currently planning to have a feature that makes it possible to skip quest text.
I would like to be able to check previous rewards of completed quests listed within the journal. No Plans to Address In the case of quests that have multiple rewards that you can choose from, there would need to be flags managing which rewards were selected from a lot of quests and this would consume a huge amount of memory, so we have no plans to address this until at least official release. We appreciate your understanding.
With the currently implemented quests, they are lacking elements that require you to cooperate with other players, so please make adjustments so that there are quests like this. No Plans to Address Quests are designed to be solo content where players progress one step at a time. Elements that require the player to cooperate with others are covered in other content, such as instanced dungeons, certain battle content and FATE.

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