A New Home to Call My Own

Welcome back! (to me and to you guys reading this… all two of ya! /nods)

I’ve moved from aquelia.waltzforariah.com to my own wordpress site. Vid kindly exported all of my old blog posts so they could be imported to this new home. However, you will notice all the image links are broken. I’m not going to bother reattaching those images to the old post. Some images will be re-upped on the new gallery though.

Currently playing WoW again (surprise surprise!), getting caught up with all American TV shows now that the 2012-2013 season is over and eargerly awaiting FFXIV: ARR.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the content of the new blog! Vid’s website link is on the right!

Edit to add: ARR Server will be Excalibur. I’ll be following DM and anyone from AP is welcome as well! So far majority of the core AP peeps from XI (Vivid, Scinder, Varg, Debris, Nain, etc.) will be coming to Excalibur. Post here or shoot me a message if you’re coming ^^


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